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Premier Cowen remains alone at the end


Brian Cowen: Nach chaotischen Tagen, einer missratenen Kabinettsumbildung und scharfer Kritik aus den eigenen Reihen hatte der Premier bereits seinen Verzicht auf den Parteivorsitz erklärt. Quelle: dpa

Brian Cowen: After days of chaos, a wayward cabinet reshuffle and sharp criticism from within the ranks of the Prime Minister had already announced his abandonment of the party. Source: dpa

HB LONDON / DUBLIN. "Our patience is exhausted. Trust (to our coalition partners) is completely collapsed," said Green Party leader John Gormley on Sunday afternoon at a press conference in Dublin. The failure of the coalition, new elections before the date fixed by Cowen, 11 March, probably.

However, the Greens would still pending decisions on the budget savings 2011 support from the opposition out. The law could adopted before the early elections in mid-March be. After a cabinet reshuffle had failed Cowen only abandoned on Saturday his party leader.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan had prior to the termination of the Coalition warned by the Greens, who before the elections final vote on the budget savings held in 2011 to . Let This is dangerous for the country. The adoption of Saving measures is a condition for the bailout of International Monetary Fund and European Union in the amount of 85 billion euros. However, most cuts and Tax increases already approved.

The opposition called on the government to fast on the Conservation Act to allow voting to the election as early as possible perform. Cowen said, but on Sunday in an interview, The vote on the law could not save within a Week are scheduled.

His successor, leaving the head of government with a tortured land high debt and many unemployed. After days of chaos, a wayward cabinet reshuffle and sharp criticism from within its own ranks Cowen had said on Saturday his refusal of the party. He also affirmed their commitment to stay up to the elections, Prime Minister want. The opposition spoke of a "farce". It was "simply not acceptable" that Cowen stay in office, said the leader of the Labour Party, Eamon Gilmore.

The shrewd tactician Cowen had in the past ten days pulled out all the stops to get in office. But he overstepped the mark and changed – not in a only the opinion of the opposition frame-long campaign – five other ministers. Apparently, to a young, unspoilt Team to go into the election, which he to increase his Opportunities to delay as long as possible would have.

With the coup after it spoiled the lord of the manor "Taoiseach" as the Prime Minister called in Gaelic, even with his last political friends. Of "shame" and "fraud" was in Parliament in the speech. Even faithful companions Dublin Cowens only shake his head. "Grotesque" named deputy Cowens the party chairman, Noel O’Flynn, the night and fog action.

The Greens as coalition partner, yet reliable companion Cowens, beat his fist on the table. They refused Consent to the appointment of new ministers and forced against Cowen his will, already on 11 March to call new elections. The plans the great strategists were crossed, his intra-party Opponents scented morning air. Cowen was only the resignation, he now wanted to not fully be at the mercy of his opponents.

And after the termination of the joint government work by the Irish Open now the evidence suggests, that the public even before the 11th March called to the polls be. Moreover, it is already this week a vote of no confidence the opposition parties, Labour and Fine Gael against Cowen his capacity as prime minister to give.

If anyone is Cowen is, however, unclear. Within The Fianna Fail party in recent opinion polls 8 Percentage has slipped, distinguished opponent Michael Cowen Martin as a favorite. Party Vice O’Flynn put themselves and others on Saturday laid on the former foreign minister.

The convalescent from a serious cancer of Finance Brian Lenihan, who also had a candidate, probably too long to Cowen noted. Tourism Minister Mary Hanafin and Minister of Social Affairs Éamon Ó Cuív rather have an outside chance. The group will be on Wednesday set.

But under the circumstances, the new man in his party, the Opposition leader. Labour and Fine Gael party are currently to be stronger. Whoever Cowen as Taoiseach "follows, he has it easy in any case not. The government is survived by her Successors scorched earth. The government deficit is 32 percent, the debt has grown to well over 160 billion €. Every week thousands of people flee from the Emerald Isle to to escape unemployment and poverty, determined the Economic Research Institute ESRI few days ago.