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Price of imported milk rose in May


2010-06-11_Milchwirtschaft_ddp WIESBADEN (Dow Jones) – Import prices in Germany rose strongly in May . The annual inflation rate climbed to 8.5 % overall and showed that the highest rate since November 2000 on how the Federal Statistical Office reported on Friday. Compared to the previous month, import prices increased by 0.6 %. ( Reuters photo 🙂

In the food and agricultural sector by 4.9 % corn was cheaper than last year, but 3 % more than in April 2010. The prices of imported milk and milk products increased compared to May 2009 at 9.7% ( up 2.7 % compared to April 2010), as the Federal Statistics Office reported on. Cheaper than a year ago was imported poultry meat (down 7.4% ) in the previous month compared with the price but rose slightly by 0.2 %.
The index of export prices in May was up 3.6 % over the previous year. Compared to the previous month , an increase was registered by 0.5 %.