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Pricing pressure in Germany in February, well after the leaves


AndersWIESBADEN (Dow Jones) – Inflation pressures in Germany has been declining again in February. According to preliminary calculations, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) from Friday, the price index rose on the basis of data from five provinces by 0.2% over the previous month. (Photo: Anders)
The annual inflation stood at only 0.4%. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had expected an increase of 0.5% in a single month and an increase of 0.7% within a year.

In January, consumer prices had fallen on a monthly basis by 0.6%, annual inflation had stood at 0.8%. The purposes of comparison, calculated for European Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) rose in February from the previous month by 0.2%, an annual perspective, the index increased by 0.3%. In January, the HICP annual rate at 0.8% had been lying.

In February were for fuel oil and light fuel price decreases reported. Compared with January heating oil fell by 1.0%, depending on the province to 4.5%, the fuel prices by 0.6% to 2.2%. Compared to last year but the prices are significantly higher (oil up to 16.0%, fuels up to 12.3%). Food prices rose in the month compared with only slightly (up to 0.9%), within a year food is still cheaper (up to minus 2.1%).

The final results for February, wants the Federal Office on 10 March forward.

Website: www.destatis.de

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