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Property prices still rose unexpectedly in 2009


The average selling prices of houses and apartments in 2009, contrary to expectations, increased. That report ERA. In its annual analysis of the ERA based on the real estate purchase and sales data from its 113 offices in Belgium.

On average, one home through ERA last year sold for 206,633 euros, approximately 2,500 or 1.2 percent more than in 2008. That does not mean that the houses were more expensive, the estate agent states. Presumably there were slightly more expensive houses in the segment sold.

Increase average sales

In Flanders, the average selling price of a home by 2.1 percent to 214,500 euros. In Brussels, there was an increase of 1 percent in Wallonia sales fell by 4.6 percent. Also in 2009, slightly more expensive apartments were sold in ERA, with an average 163,151 euros. That is 0.4 percent more than in 2008. Both houses and apartments last year were longer for sale. For homes that average was 112 days, 17 days longer than in 2008. Apartments were on average 136 days on sale, one months longer than in 2008.

"Similar trends in 2010"

"Houses sell up to 350,000 euros quite smoothly. 350,000 to € 1 million will take a little longer, but is ultimately sold. Above 1 million euros is very difficult," summarizes Iain Cook, director of ERA, together. The difference between demand and selling price is around 10 percent. ERA expects this year a similar evolution, "if no shocking things happen". (belga / dea)