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Protest against opening the intermediate storage


HB DANNENBERG / Gorleben. Opponents of nuclear power in Wendland with roadblocks to the further exploration of the salt dome Gorleben protests as a nuclear repository. With tractors and cars around 600 demonstrators blocked for several hours on Saturday important access roads.

The actions should be the prelude to major protests : Anti -nuclear initiatives expected in November, with tens of thousands of demonstrators Wendland. The protest is directed against the then proposed nuclear waste transport, the highly radioactive nuclear waste into the above-ground interim storage facility brings .

On this Monday brings together the entire tip and the Parliamentary Group of the Greens for a special session in Gorleben. The politicians want to discuss anti -nuclear initiatives on how to tackle the repository project.

Green Party leader Claudia Roth called the resumption of work on Gorleben as a provocation for much of the population . The black and yellow federal government was arrogant over the interests of citizens , she told the news agency dpa on Sunday.

The Lower Saxony CDU member of parliament called on the Greens Reinhard Grindel , they should use their influence and give any kind of violence during the protests in Wendland clearly rejected. Grindel threw former Federal Environment Minister Juergen Trittin (Greens ) in front again , he himself had done nothing for a search for alternative disposal sites. "With hot air bubbles and there are no disposal , "said Grindel, the spokesman of the CDU in Gorleben investigation committee of the Bundestag.

On Saturday nuclear protesters blocked a total of about 50 tractors intersections and main roads in the district Lüchow -Dannenberg. " If Gorleben disposal , profit comes before safety, " was on one of the banners read , that the citizens veiled street signs. Other demonstrators called for " nuclear power plants shut down – immediately " stop Gorleben "and. power opponents are roped off a bridge on the main road from 191st

The protests were directed against Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU). On an oversized yellow papier-mâché toilet bowl brought demonstrators to the slogan : "Angela takes care of the scam . "

After ten years of interruption, the studies for a nuclear waste repository in Gorleben are back in operation. On Friday , the agreed under the red- green government was exploring stop was officially over. Nuclear power foes to abandon the site because of security risks and to look for other disposal sites in Germany.

The nuclear industry in contrast, keeps the salt dome to be appropriate , citing the continuing investigation is a sign of reason. safely stored in a repository , the highly radioactive waste from German nuclear power plants for a million years can .