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Quelle Schickedanz heiress needs to sell houses


Source heiress Madeleine Schickedanz has sold, according to Bild am Sonntag ", two Swiss villa for 47 million euros. Thus, the source of will-millionairess and former heir to repay a portion of their debts.

Berlin – Madeleine Schickedanz still a few years ago belonged to the wealthiest Germans. With new bailouts had been the source of genetic information, however, tried to fend off insolvency of the department store group Arcandor vain -. Arcandor is insolvent, the daughter Source is already settled, and Schickedanz must repay debts. For this it has now sold, according to Bild am Sonntag "two houses for 47 million euros.

According to the newspaper, a confidant of former billionaire confirmed the sale of two houses in St. Moritz. With the money Schickedanz would reduce a loan of around 200 million euro at the bank Sal Oppenheim. According to previous reports of credit with mortgages on several Schickedanz property is secured.

Through the sale of an additional nine homes this year Schickedanz would come to an amicable agreement with the Sal Oppenheim, the confidant said the paper.