Home News Rupert Murdoch separates itself from MySpace CEO

Rupert Murdoch separates itself from MySpace CEO


Myspace-Chef Owen Van Natta konnte den Niedergang des 
Online-Netzwerks nicht aufhalten. Quelle: ap

MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta was able to halt the decline of the online is not network. Source: AP

DUSSELDORF. His last major appearance was Van Natta on the Internet by Hubert Burda DLD conference in Munich. The 40-year-old had labored and dogged. With both hands clasped Facebook and Amazon, the former manager at the microphone. In the blue suit and open shirt, the manager at that time was still wise advice: "You must renew before you realize that you have to renew itself." Now, Van Natta has to renew itself. He has not managed to halt the decline of MySpace. While Facebook and Twitter to gain new users, MySpace looks into the tube. Facebook has suspended the use MySpace much now.

Murdoch had made his dissatisfaction over again air. His media conglomerate News Corp.. MySpace had for three years before the phenomenal price paid by 580 million U.S. dollars. It is even very much money for Murdoch.