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Russia imported 63.1% less poultry meat


2010-08-31_Hühnerhof_ddp MOSCOW (Dow Jones) – Russia has imported in the period January-July 169 800 t poultry worth 284.8 million USD. As the State Customs Authority announced on Friday next , this corresponds to a volume decrease of 63.1 % over the same period last year. ( Reuters photo 🙂

The meat comes exclusively from countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States ( CIS). The significant decrease in imports is largely due to the fact that Russia had received during the period no poultry from the U.S.. In the U.S. poultry meat is disinfected in chlorinated pools , which is against Russian health regulations. Meanwhile , both countries have agreed on the resumption of deliveries.

In addition, led Russia in August of pork , worth 155.5 million USD , representing an increase of 4.4 % from 148.9 million USD last year , as the customs service reported . Compared to pork imports in Wartenwert of USD 178.2 million from the previous month, July is clear , however, a decrease of 12.7%.

The beef imports thus reached in August worth 170.3 million USD. Compared to the 219.5 million USD from August 2009 it had only 77.6% and compared to USD 212.5 million set in July , only 80.2%. Amount of data on imports was not the customs authority.

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