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Russians take over nuclear power station waste disposal Nukem


DUSSELDORF. German nuclear power plants could in future be closed under Russian direction. The Russian nuclear group Atomstroyexport has bought the German specialist for the settlement of old reactors, Nukem Technologies. The deal, which was initiated in the summer, is now sealed. No information about the financial arrangements have been made.

The company Nukem in Alzenau in the Rhine-Main area, which used to RWEGroup one will finally crushed it. The Russians take over the business with the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the disposal of radioactive waste and spent fuel. Dominate the business world only a handful of suppliers. In the engineering area approximately 200 employees, however, he earned only about one tenth of its sales from currently around 600 million euros.

The NUKEM GmbH will in future concentrate on its core business. Together with a U.S. subsidiary, it is one of the world’s leading service provider in the trading of new fuel elements. Here, only 50 employees working in the trading business but has 90 percent of revenues were generated.

Atomstroyexport, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rosatom nuclear holding company, completes the purchase from its own portfolio. The company itself is one of the world’s leading nuclear power plant builders and compete among other things, the French Areva. The Russians are currently working on an alliance with the German Siemens Group, which wants to re-engage more in nuclear energy.

"With Atomstroyexport we have a strategic investor who understands our daily business very well and will continue," said the CEO of the acquired division, Ulf Kutscher.

Turbulent history

Nukem has a long tradition. In Germany, yanked the company including the first commercial reactor, the experimental nuclear power plant (MWU) in Kahl am Main, ab. The company owned by 2006 RWE Group and was then combined with other service providers, which were summarized in the subsidiary RWE Solutions, sold to the financial investor Advent International. This gradually sold portions of the company. Last year the business had Nukem NIS, who was responsible inter alia for the dismantling work in Germany, Siempelkamp to sell nuclear technology in Krefeld.

Since then had Nukem Technologies, the Russians take over in Germany, almost no activity has stopped. That should change, but again, like announcing a spokeswoman. Nukem would seek, under the direction of the Russians to the expected orders, where in Germany will have in the coming years, nuclear power plants from the grid. Finally, the energy industry expects that even with a revision of the withdrawal decision, the oldest plants must be sacrificed. On the other hand, there are numerous research facilities, which must be reduced gradually.

The company expects the cooperation with the Russians abroad benefits. In France Nukem is currently building the reactor Brennilis back in Brittany. The company has also built up great expertise in the construction of storage facilities and treatment of radioactive material that is working here, among other things in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Russia.


Orders The nuclear industry can hope for by the expected nuclear renaissance on lucrative contracts. Worldwide, there are numerous projects in the planning – especially in emerging economies China and India. But even in Europe will be taken after years of deadlock, the plans again. Britain, for example wish to authorize at least ten new power plants.

Providers Through the long dry spell, the number of suppliers of nuclear technology is straightforward. French Areva Group, the Toshiba Subsidiary of Westinghouse and Russia’s Atomstroyexport but standing in the wings for the expected orders. Together with the Russians also want Siemens come back more into the business.

Quote Atomstroyexport trying to gain through the acquisition of Nukem Technologies a competitive advantage: the competence in the management of radioactive waste. For new installations are now equal to those waste facilities scheduled.