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Savings Bank, Landesbank Berlin Potsdamer annoyed


BERLIN. For Private Banking, the MBS was destined for the acquisition of Berliner Bank Weber says the new chief executive John Werner. The weavers Bank focuses on the upscale retail business and also offers asset management, which does not pay for most of the savings banks for lack of funds.

Dispute in the bank stock is programmed with it. For the Landesbank Berlin (LBB), which belongs to the savings banks, plans to offer similar services. The LBB has announced that CEO John Evers recently. With Patrick Tessmann, currently a general partner of Reuschel & Co private bankers, has a proven commitment to LBB private banker as a retail board.

Anger was already emerging as the MBS Weber took over the Berliner Bank. LBB saw it as an infringement of the regional principle. It says that the savings banks may operate only on the territory of their vehicles. Because the weavers, however, is not a savings bank, called Werner’s predecessor, Werner Schubert, these allegations as groundless.

John Werner himself mentioned the LBB no mention in this context. He merely pointed out that NordLB have sold their share of Berenberg Bank in Hamburg. Thus I now no institute of the Savings Banks Financial Group more direct contact with a private bank, which would have a positive impact on the range of Weber bank. However, it is questionable whether the withdrawal of NordLB on the cooperation of several dozen savings with Berenberg Bank has any effect.

Werner sees further potential for growth in private banking. Currently, the MBS manages assets worth one billion euros in Weberbank there are currently 3.4 billion euros. Until 2010, Werner wants to come to a total of 4.8 billion euros to 5.6 billion euros.

Job cuts at Bank of Walker

While the MBS business-gloss stands, announced the CEO for the Weberbank delicate cuts. Thus the number of employees after the changeover to a new IT platform, currently around 230 to fall below 200. Sustainably black to write Weberbank in 2012.

The mother is doing better. "If it was a year of crisis, I want more," said Werner. The operating result before valuation of MBS increased by well over 119 million euros to 140 million euros. Because of the higher investment property valuation at the operating profit increased by 178 million euros. In the MBS crisis could also improve its a cost / income ratio to 0.48 (previous year 0.51). Spend for one euro, the MBS yield only 48 cents. With total assets of 8.7 billion euros, the MBS is one of the 20 largest savings banks in Germany.