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Savings Bank President Calls for Basel III for all


Sparkassen-Präsident Haasis ist überzeugt, dass die Institute die neuen Anforderungen bewältigen können. Quelle: dpa

Savings Bank President Haas believes that institutions can meet the new requirements. Source: dpa

WASHINGTON. The President of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV), Heinrich Haas calls the indiscriminate introduction of stricter capital rules under Basel III worldwide to all banks. Although the great need and high-risk institutions to make a special provision. For experience shows that this must be in doubt, save the state banks in order to protect the economies of incalculable damage. But with the recent decisions of the Basel Committee organized 27 banks and financial supervision, it is clear that in future apply to all banks one and the same capital requirements.

Therefore could not take it that the U.S. appeared to tread again a special path and implement only the major international institutions, the new rules to Basel III would. That means, conversely, that the small regional credit institutions operating in the United States not enwendeten the new rules. In Europe, the Basel-III rules should apply without discrimination but from the smallest to the largest commercial bank, savings bank. "Therefore, will the latest in the transfer of the capital rules in European law reviewed again carefully, as they differ between risk and thus also possible for small regional and large systemically important institutions" is "called on Haas.

The President was convinced that the savings banks can meet the new capital requirements. They had already increased in the last two years is not easy to equity ratio of 13.1 to 14.8 percent. And the more important core capital ratio of savings lies already at 9.7 percent. Basel III wrote in 2013 remains a core capital ratio of 4.5 percent, which can be gradually increased up to 10.5 percent. In the current year, the savings banks will continue to expand again in the words Haasis their capital. "They will write about gains in the prior year," he said. By placing in the equity capital base can be expanded. Last year, the 431 savings banks as a net profit of 2.66 billion euros.