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Savings resolve software errors in maps update


Partial-clear signal for customers: The savings will not replace the faulty bank and credit cards. Thus the current PIN remains valid. In contrast, the private banks are still not close to issue new cards.

Berlin – The Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) is a pioneer: the first of the five grouped in the Central Credit Committee (ZKA) leading associations of the banking industry, he has announced that it address the year 2010 bug. It would be an exchange of the data bank and credit cards dispensed to the customer, informed the DSGV on Thursday. Instead, the failure of a software update should be addressed.

Meanwhile, customers need to withdraw cash at ATMs and in electronic payments in shops further computational problems. Still can not accept all ATM and retail terminals in Germany, the defective cards, informed the Central Credit Committee (ZKA).

The DGSV will still publish this week a concrete timetable for action and recommendations for clients. By not using an exchange of cards whose functioning would be made much faster. In addition, customers can now remember their PIN.

30 million affected Cards

Affected by the action were credit cards, which have been issued containing a chip and before March 2009. Exclude the case of the cash cards could DSGV that after June 2009 issued cards were affected. In the area of the DSGV approximately 20 million EC have approximately 3.5 million cards and credit cards on the error.

Overall, the programming error of some 30 million of the more than 100 million issued in Germany, bank and credit cards affected. Among the private banks are 2.5 million cards, with the four million people and Raiffeisen banks.

To fix the error, the other four leading associations examined in ZKA currently reconfiguring the affected chips. However, should the conditions for an update of the software are still created, it was said by the ZKA. A spokesman for the private banks, said a replacement of the faulty cards could not be excluded.

Bundesbank criticizes banks

The ZKA informed further that the acceptance of cash cards would probably be made by Monday and to the dealer terminals fully restored. Abroad, the affected cards, however, only worked on a part of the dealer terminals, it added, the ZKA. The Committee also warned overstickering the mistake by trying to fix the chip. Thus, both the cards and the readers of the ATMs could be damaged.

With a view to possible extra costs ZKA spokeswoman said that this should demonstrate to their customers via bank account statement. She could not imagine that the banks refused to goodwill.

The German Bundesbank has accused the banking industry failures. The industry must "improve its information," said the board member responsible for the payment of the Central Bank, Hans Georg Fabritius, the "Handelsblatt". He urged the bank to "take measures to ensure that a problem of this magnitude can not occur in future." Moreover, it is a "careful error analysis" needed to make the cards again fully operational.