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Sberbank demands compensation from GM


HB MOSCOW / WIESBADEN. Sberbank CEO German Gref told the Russian news television channel "Vesti", Sberbank have listed the costs and prompted General Motors (GM) the voluntary refund. If the Russian proposal will be adopted that a complaint filed in court. "We are incurring substantial costs," stressed the head of the bank, without mentioning the amount of the sum.

Gref said that the explanations why the deal was canceled in early November by the GM Board of Directors are not sufficient. "Nine months negotiations, 9000 individually prepared contracting parties were ready for signature. From two days before the deal GM blew it all," Gref said. He expressed regret once again that the well for the technological modernization of Russia’s ailing car industry exploded proposed transaction. Back in November Sberbank had expressed a willingness to ask GM for damages.

In September, GM had even the sale of 55 percent of Opel’s share of the Canadian and Austrian automotive supplier Magna Sberbank and its partners is recommended. The U.S. parent company wants to redevelop the Europe business around Opel now itself.

Koch GM expects "a lot of money" for Opel

The Hessian Minister President Roland Koch, meanwhile, called for GM to do everything necessary to secure the economic future of the auto maker to Opel. In an interview with the news agency said DAPD the CDU politician, this would be the American parent company as the sole "need to bring a lot of money." Only when it is clear that a major contribution coming from the U.S., it makes any sense, about the chances for state aid in Europe to speak.

Koch said: "Currently, this discussion is entirely groundless, because the circumstances have changed. Solventes General Motors is a company." It has to make its economic contribution to leading Opel to a secure future. As the parent company of General Motors to be a lot more money than necessary in the concept of Magna was planned. "Who wants to be 100 percent owner, his or her responsibility must also carry out investment and financing," added Koch.

The Hessian Minister pointed in particular to the problems after the expiry of the scrapping. This was the German automotive industry as a whole helped very much and was "one of the wise decisions in the crisis have been". Of course, but now they’ve also left a gap that would need to close the company itself in the market. "And that is for the more certainly easier than exporting companies for one, is like Opel is highly concentrated on the European market," admitted a cook.

Optimistic about reaching agreement with Brüderle

Opel had lost by the discontinuity of the management this year, a lot of time. Luckily, and thanks to the staff of the Group Rüsselsheimer but "excellent products". That we could grow with it against the market, Opel has already been proved. "I am firmly convinced that Opel will survive the next, certainly not an easy year," added Koch. It would, however, a difficult year, so the owner GM would have to bring a lot of money.

Koch also took questions on the discussion on possible funding of the Federal position. Economy Rainer Brüderle (FDP) have always said that Opel was treated according to law. If there was a reasonable basis and the internal activities are clear enough, one would be able to talk about it and check. "But one should not speculate constantly in German politics as to whether one should help, but the owner must submit it’s something that auditable approach, which we can discuss," added Koch. As long as it does not admit that any debate on federal or state assistance unnecessary.