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Scania CEO sees potential alliance skeptical MAN


HB BERLIN / STOCKHOLM. "In a merger of MAN and Scania it is currently unrealistic to achieve synergies of a billion or even only 500 million euros, "said Östling the" Welt am Sonntag. "From an industrial point of view makes little sense in a merger." This deal probably would be interesting, especially for investment bankers who earn billions in such deals, "said the ScaniaBoss.

Östling does not believe that the synergies that arise in the automotive industry through the development of common platforms, including the truck construction can be achieved. The numbers were lower, but the variety of specifications for this larger. All attempts of close cooperation have failed in the past. "We have tried for several years, with MAN cooperate in the development of gearboxes and axles. The bottom line has led to nothing, since there were no cost synergies. It has become plain and simply not counted. "

In the industry, it is presumed that VWSupervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Piëch both companies in a commercial vehicle under the Holding VW-Could combine roof. VW holds Scania about 70 percent of the voting rights and MAN 29.9 percent. MAN is in turn, with 17 percent Scania involved.

Östling warned that a merger could be established brands MAN and Scania be damaged. Ultimately, however, have Scania – Shareholder VW the notebook in his hand. "Volkswagen has the lead on this issue. All decisions are made in Wolfsburg," said Östling.

News puts the truck industry in deep crisis. "But I’m assuming that we have reached the soil," said Östling. Up to a new boom but will take a long time. The ScaniaBoss expects the commercial vehicle market reached new record highs again until 2015 to 2020 will be. (This article was previously available in Reuters editorial text.