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Schauble slows tax plans of the FDP – SZ


MUNICH (Dow Jones) – The FDP meets a newspaper report that its plans for further massive tax cuts in the coalition, increasing resistance. (Photo: ddp)

Shortly before the crisis meeting, the coalition said spikes in government circles that the reform had slimmed down, moved, or gegenfinanziert by savings elsewhere, such as the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (SZ – reported Tuesday edition). Otherwise, she was not responsible. The concerns were shared by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU).
After reading of the FDP, the coalition has agreed that the tax burden of citizens and companies from 2011 again reduced by 20 billion euros per year. The Union notes, however, that the reform "under funding of title" get up, so it could only enter into force when it is affordable. However, there is in fact the CDU / CSU, given the economic crisis of doubt. "We have a huge problem with it, with a tax-related revenue losses and which bring savings resulting from the debt brake requirements that must be reconciled," they said in those circles.
To find a way that would be calculated in the Treasury’s various models. The problem is the tax demanded by the Liberals fare level. In order to introduce him to you, should the tax burden compared to the current state of at least EUR 15 billion, will likely decrease by as much as 20 billion euros.