Home News Shell wants to overthrow Aral Edekas with help from the Throne

Shell wants to overthrow Aral Edekas with help from the Throne


Shells Logo soll bald auch an 44 Tankstellen von Edeka prangen. Quelle: Reuters

Shell’s logo will soon adorn even at 44 stations from Edeka. Source: Reuters

HB HAMBURG. It took the gas stations at supermarkets and department stores of the Edeka Group. The acquisition is expected to be accompanied by a co-operation: who buys at Edeka, get in Shell a discount. If the takeover, a growing network of gas station Shell at 2240 stations.

Possibly could Shell competitors Aral then as the largest fuel retailer in Germany to replace, yet both are almost equal. But the approval of the Federal Cartel Office is certainly not as a matter of form: last year it had the oil giant Total, the acquisition of 59 stations OMV forbidden in East Germany, because it’s dominant position of the five largest gas station company Aral, Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips (Jet) and Total is strengthened. Because of the market structures are further connections of the five large firms "can not or only very limited future possible."

The oil companies are due to fluctuating fuel prices for decades suspected abuse its market position and particularly motorists before abzuverlangen holidays and during summer months increased prices. Especially in periods of rising prices will therefore always the call for greater antitrust scrutiny or after a defeat of large companies loudly.

The Cartel Office has to demonstrate to the corporations so far not in breach of competition law. The transparency of the market but it comes to parallel behavior. The Authority has been working for two years are due to a thorough investigation of the fuel sector, the results in late summer or autumn.