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Smoking is more expensive again


HB BERLIN. So the package price for 19 cigarettes was being raised by an average of 4.60 euros to up to 5.00 €. Even more expensive is fine-cut tobacco, producing twelve to 14 cents per pack.

Background, loss of revenue by the decision of the coalition to reduce the eco-tax rebates for energy-intensive companies less than originally planned. In order to finance the coalition will now increase the tobacco tax.

This should bring the federal government as early as next year, around 200 million euros in its coffers. By 2015 this figure should rise to about one billion euros. Currently amount to the revenue from the tobacco tax of around 13 billion € a year.

Formally establishes the Federal Government, the tax increase with decreasing revenue from the tobacco tax. Less and less taxed cigarettes and other tobacco products are sold in Germany. Cause of smuggling and legal border shopping may be mentioned, but also "alternative movements" of smokers to lower taxed tobacco products. Thus the average increase in prices over the relatively low average fine is justified. The smoking bans are cited as reasons for the drop in consumption.