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SOA Software introduces Service Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower


SOA Software, a provider of unified governance automation products, announced on Friday (1 May) the availability of Service Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower.

According to the company, the product provides centralised policy definition and service monitoring for DataPower appliances, enabling customers to use their existing DataPower deployments to virtualise enterprise services for high-availability, load-balancing and offloading of XML and security processing.

The integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances allows customers to control the DataPower Appliance from SOA Software’s Policy Manager console. This provides customers with a ‘one-click’ management strategy leveraging DataPower as the runtime and the Policy Manager as the source of service and policy information as well as the reporting console for the monitoring data. Policy Manager enables customers to implement and enforce uniform policies throughout their infrastructure and provides visibility into enterprise service usage, performance and availability from network edge to application.

Service Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower enables customers to: utilise DataPower as part of a unified governance automation solution; centrally define policies and apply them to services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances; manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity; gain visibility into service and appliance performance, individual messages and business transactions from a single administration console; monitor and enforce SLAs for services distributed across a cluster of appliances generating alerts for faults, performance issues and security violations; as well as publish virtual services into DataPower appliances utilising the performance and security capabilities of the appliance for enterprise service federation.

No pricing details were disclosed.