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Solden suffer winter


Winter bargains are halfway, but by the harsh weather of recent weeks, customers preferred home and is there for the retailers no longer than a status quo or a slight increase in sales. The winter weather was good again or for the sale of winter clothing and walking shoes.
Winter throws spanner in food
The number of documents that customers buy is higher than last year, but fewer customers. Winter bargains on January 2 were however good start, with big discounts outset of 30 and 50 percent, a huge popular audiences and an average sales increase of 5 percent. The following day, the first bargain on Sunday, hit the winter and continued to prefer the people inside. Last Saturday, after the warnings of the RMI, was rock bottom.
Winter Clothing
Winter jackets, thick sweaters and boots sell quickly. Step shoes with a wide sole for women, the absolute topper. Clothes for children and babies doing traditionally. Luxury goods are purchased less: customers choose durable items, they really need.
New price reductions
The deals run until January 31. Now it is softer, the retailers hope the coming weekend to do some good. They also announce new price cuts to. (belga / bdr)