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Spain wants binding agreements on economic recovery EU


The Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has stressed Friday that the economic recovery and the way out of the crisis the top priority of the Spanish Presidency.
"It comes down to," said the minister at a press contact with European correspondents in Madrid, "that at the informal European Council of February 11 a consensus on the guidelines of the new policy is". Spain insists on a new Lisbon Strategy. That would name strategy in 2020 with us and have a lot more binding than at present.

Lisbon Strategy
Ten years ago the then European Commission President Romano Prodi launched the famous Lisbon strategy. The objective was to Europe in 2010 the most competitive economy in the world. Therefore, heavily used in scientific research, education and innovation.

Strategy tighten
The ambitious plans of the past were only partially realized and the Spanish Presidency to strengthen the strategy. The Spaniards is the reason of the failure by the permissiveness of the European agreements. That should change.
"It would," he said the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero to the European correspondents, "coercive measures should be, so the European Institutions, Member States may require the common goals". It referred the Spanish Prime Minister emphasizes the Stability and Growth Pact. "There may be mandatory measures," he said.
Major test
The 2020 Strategy is under Zapatero and the Spanish Presidency an important test for the Union. "In the global world," Zapatero said, "the Union could only maintain its position, if they united. All the rest is a waste of time".
The Spanish call for mandatory and binding agreements goes way beyond the free gallery, which the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy with the Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero signed Monday in several European newspapers. There is no such speaking engagements.

Sensitive issue
Spain realizes that it is a sensitive issue and that no consensus exists among the Member States. "I hope," Moratinos said, "we on February 11 at the informal European Council are a lot further".
According to Moratinos, the European Commission is taking careful notes and then write a proposal that several weeks later at the Spring Summit to be approved. The Spanish Presidency is how the European institutions, Member States may adjust the central point of debate.
Functioning of the European Union
Moratinos further denied that the Treaty of Lisbon and the arrival of a permanent President of the European Council the role of the six-monthly, national presidency would have diminished. "Think again", said Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs. "All that has changed the functioning of the European Union. Moratinos downplayed the call for simpler settings.
"It was a beautiful goal," he said, "but we must be aware that our world becomes more complex.
Both Zapatero and Moratinos stressed again that Spain do not remember to change its position on Kosovo. Spain is one of the few European countries that recognize independent Kosovo. "Spain," Zapatero said, "this has a consistent attitude and respect fully international law". (Belga / CBD)