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Stock exchanges in Europe at noon a little easier without dynamics


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – For low volume enter the European markets on Wednesday after noon something. The Euro Stoxx 50 lost 0.4% to 12.35 clock or 10 to 2728 points, the Stoxx -50 drops by 0.4 % or 10 points to 2508 . "It’s like at Christmas or as if we were to act only half days , " one dealer said with a view to for some time remarkably thin turnover.

Also from the fund companies had to hear that neither means nor floated . " There is therefore no compulsion to act, " says the participants. there is little stimulus . There may be oriented as was the action on Tuesday at the output of several bond auctions. "Germany was able to accommodate federal loans of EUR 6 billion, relatively safe , the auction is run the bottom line is satisfactory , "says one strategist pension .
Technical situation brightened
Should increase the Euro Stoxx 50 on the resistance line at 2750 points, would , according to an analyst on 5 August started correcting terminated charttechnischer view. Clearly positive was the consensus of the index on Tuesday by the Daily high and both the Daily high on Monday. Resistors lay now in 2789 and 2,850 points , for support in 2692 and 2618 points.
Commodity values to be – continue to be charged over poker
Commodity values lose an average of 0.9%. BHP Billiton are expanding the price falls by 1.4 % to 1890 p. "We assume that the stock price weakens , until it can agree on a price (for Potash ) , "says Paul Galloway of Bernstein. The offer is aggressive and surprising, for BHP Billiton have the potash business originally organically , so to raise their own.
" The Australians go through the hostile takeover , "is a safe dealer . So far, the concentration had taken place within the mining industry, now the spectrum open the way to the fertilizer producers. "And the high premium of BHP Billiton’s Potash for shows that Australians want to become market leader, " says the dealer. Anglo American ex dividend pay a 2 % to 2422 p.
Shares of airlines asked
Airline stocks are found in European trading on Wednesday among the major winners. So British Airways and Lufthansa to increase by 1.5% to 0.8%. Triggers are figures of the Swedish SAS, which has been reported by a significant reduction of losses in the second quarter. In particular , operating cash flow significantly turn into Plus. At the same time confirmed CEO Mats Jansson his resignation from the executive position in the fall. The sector Travel & Leisure, in which the shares of the airlines are combined moves , above 0.4%.
Telekom values lose – Telekom Austria submit figures
Telekom values lose an average of 0.3%. The Zweitquartalszahlen Telekom Austria have lagged behind the expectations of most analysts. "The company has indeed increased its outlook for EBITDA , but the analysts had mostly been taken into account , "said one dealer. Obviously in the second quarter, the costs of holding or gain of fixed-line customers, " a little out of control "were . Telekom Austria still gain 0.7% to 9.77 EUR . Looking at the full year , the Austrians expected due to strict savings with a higher EBITDA than in the past . EBITDA is now expected to reach 1.6 billion to EUR 1.65 billion . Previously, the Vienna group here EUR 1.6 billion had been promised.
Being and not in the state of Denmark
New quarterly reports are also from Denmark , from Moeller Maersk and Vestas Wind. Horrors and joys here are close together. The Danish marine giant Moeller -Maersk has " provided excellent "quarterly data and how the hoped -year guidance increased significantly , "says a dealer. "The fact that the numbers are good , the market had expected, but not at that level , "the market participants. The stock tends almost unchanged.
Downright terror prevails among traders with a view to a profit warning from Vestas Wind. "The management is likely for the foreseeable future have lost his credibility . Here is this morning a lot of china were smashed , "said a broker. Positive was not found in the quarterly report , the accounting for contracts was postponed in a big way into the coming year. Vestas Wind break by 19.3 % on 253.70 DKK .

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