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Suicide bomber kills German soldier


HB BERLIN. How to Guttenberg injured on Thursday, the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, said in parliament, were also six soldiers. It would involve the deployment of the ISAF patrol, "which serves our security." He was with the thoughts of the soldiers and their families.

"We obviously have to complain in a suicide attack on an ISAF patrol north of our soldiers Puli Khumri a fallen soldier and wounded six soldiers stand at present," Guttenberg said in parliament. He showed concern and spoke of a very sad news on 9 Anniversary of the outbreak of war in Afghanistan. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers and their families." Guttenberg defended the use of the Hindu Kush. It is a commitment that "serves our security and it was decided in the House."

The CDU Bundestag member Juergen Hardt said the army troops were with the injured soldiers still on the way back to camp. It was hoped that they arrived there safely. Two injured soldiers should be in a critical condition, said "Bild.de. One of the two cleared the doctors hardly a chance of survival.

In parliament sparked the attack from terror. The FDP politician defense Elke Hoff said: "I want to use the site for my group, the deep concern, expressed the deep regret." Parliament debated just about improving the care of wounded soldiers in action and the survivors of fallen soldiers.

The Greens were dismayed. "We are deeply concerned that the soldiers were difficult and hard work with their lives and their health had paid", said the party leader Renate Kuenast and Juergen Trittin. "This is clearly a sad way once again how risky and uncertain the situation in Afghanistan is and will continue further." The attack on the patrol in the troubled province of Baghlan, they condemned as perfidious and cruel.

According to the governor of Afghanistan’s Baghlan province, Abdul Majid Moonshee, lit the bombers the explosive device attached to his body near the provincial capital, Puli Khumri next to a German military convoy. The area was cordoned off by army troops long distances. The radical Islamic Taliban confessed to the crime and said that the assassin had pulled eight foreign soldiers to their deaths. Details of the insurgents are usually greatly exaggerated.

Thus far a total of 44 German soldiers have been killed in the Hindu Kush. 27 of them died in attacks and clashes. For exactly nine years fighting an international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan against the Taliban insurgents. About 120 000 soldiers belonging to ISAF, 47 countries are involved in the operation. Germany’s third largest with 4,800 soldiers of the ISAF troops after the United States and Great Britain.