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T-Systems and Verdi achieve arbitration result


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The settlement of some 22,000 Employees of Deutsche Telecom subsidiary T-Systems is a consensual outcome ended. Accordingly, the salaries of 1 to March 2010 to increase linearly by 2.5%, 1 February 2011, they should at further 2% increase, T-Systems and Verdi communicated on Friday evening. The Duration of the collective agreement is 24 months to 31 December 2011 amount.

From the perspective of T-Systems is the necessary planning security the company over the life of the contract and Important signal to employees. This would necessary framework, provide the chosen Embark on further consolidation, "said T-Systems Chief Negotiator Matthias Schuster.

The term strain the ability to compromise, "said ver.di negotiator Lothar Schroeder. The dimension of the conclusion could see, however, can. In the next round of collective bargaining at T-Systems Then we’ll go with much higher salaries can, "said Schroeder.

The Great Tariff Commission of ver.di and T-Systems management is on Tuesday 2 March, on the adoption of Arbitrator award decision.

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