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The competitive one click ahead


Martin Tschopp, Chef der Ebay-Tochter Mobile.de. Quelle: Pressebild

Martin Tschopp , head of the Ebay- owned Mobile.de . Source: press photo

HAMBURG. For the 22 -second premiere was Martin Tschopp specially build a drive-in movie in front of the headquarters. In Dreilinden in Berlin, he showed yesterday evening members and guests prior to the new TV spot for the online platform Mobile.de , whose chief he has been almost nine months.

On display are old and young, men and women – equally proud of their brand new automobile is no longer darling. "One is your "is the set from now on Youtube slogan of the German market leader in the used car business on the Internet , where the business is to make emotional.

And the hard numbers are impressive : Approximately 2.5 million car sales were made through Tschopps Web market last year, according to GfK a total of 29.2 billion euros.

In order to increase their own revenue, on top of which Tschopp with reference to the parent company Ebay ausschweigt in the U.S., he has the 35 000 traders who use Mobile.de , in the coming days a new service called "pro – account ".

Tschopps team – in the Berlin headquarters it employs 140 people and counting – qualified commercial customers provides an additional cost data to show how their services compare with those of competitors. Between 100 € and 200 small to medium sized merchants currently pay an average monthly Mobile.de, says Tschopp .

The 38 -year-old believes that his young industry – Mobile.de was founded in 1996 – will continue to grow dynamically . Berlin’s main rival is the Munich-based company Autoscout24 , which now belongs to Deutsche Telekom. "If the opportunity arises , we will look at whether we are taking over smaller competitors , "says Tschopp .

Born in Switzerland, wants to expand further. In addition to the established marketplaces in Germany, Italy , France , Poland and Romania, he is planning to launch in other European countries.

Personally feels the former EbayManager with his wife, who grew up in America, and a small child probably in Potsdam. Despite the enthusiasm for the spirit of innovation , the former home missing family Tschopp Silicon Valley does not – although the California weather often offered the opportunity for Tschopps amateur cycling.