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The exhausting fight against the iPad


MUNICH. As great as this year, the crowds at Computex has never been: 1715 exhibitors present themselves to Saturday at Asia’s largest computer show in Taipei. The star of the IT world is missing: Apple is not at fairs.

The cult brand does not need to compete with the competition. For the Americans, their competitors are already way ahead. This is shown impressively in the exhibition halls of Taipei. It will take months before the other computer will bring an alternative to the iPad in the shops, the new silver bullet of Apple.

HP has no luck with Tablet PC

There is a reason that the PC manufacturers do so badly with a reply on the flat, equipped with a touch-screen handheld computer: Apple offers everything from one source, "said Martin Gutberlet, head of the Germany market researcher Gartner. The group had its own operating system, a special user interface, its own stores and not forgetting its own virtual App Store, with many attractive applications. "This combination makes it difficult to develop competing products."

The best example of this is HewlettPackard: No one sells as many computers as the group from Silicon Valley. For years, the company also had similar devices, such as the iPad. But the sales of these so-called tablet PCs are still disappointing. Only for special applications such as in hospitals, there were customers. An attractive offer for the mass market is missing HP however, so far. Worse, there is as yet not even a date of when a competing product to the world market leader Apples iPad could come into the stores.

has ventured from the cover on the Computex Asustek: Eee Their Pad looks amazingly like the iPad. But the flounder has one disadvantage: it is only at the beginning of 2011 to the start, almost twelve months after Apple. That is in the IT industry a long time, no one knows better than Asustek itself belonged to the First Taiwanese, who had brought in a big way netbooks on the market. With these cheap mini notebooks, they have managed to rise in five years from unknown suppliers fifth largest PC producer.

But watching this Asus has only once, as Apple creates a new market. Since its launch in April, the two million Californians have sold iPad – and that, even though the device was initially to have only in America.

Intel working on new processors

The market for Tablet PCs will wear until next year really made himself at Computex courage Joseph Hsu, head of the Taiwanese computer manufacturer MSI. The Group plans to offer its first two new, flat computer in the second half.

Also Intel, The world’s largest chip maker, needs time to adjust to the trend. The new, specially designed for compact devices with touch-developed processors, there is only the beginning of next year. They need less then half power.

Yet the economic damage to the established computer Bauer is low. The market researchers at Gartner expect that this year only about ten million Tablet PCs are sold in a total of 377 million computers worldwide.

But they are warned. As Apple has forged ahead with the iPhone in 2007, smart phones were still a niche. Meanwhile, one in six mobile phone belongs to this category, the growth rate in the first quarter at 50 percent. And still is no other phone so popular among users as the iPhone.