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The fight against Toyota Volkswagen


Cover des Buches "Antrieb für die Zukunft - Wie VW und Toyota um die Pole-Position ringen". Quelle: Pressebild

Cover of the book "Powering the Future – How VW and Toyota vie for pole position." Source: Press Photo

HANNOVER. They are the two biggest on the international auto market, and they have very different genes: the German Volkswagen group and the Japanese market leader Toyota. And they are rivals, as both compete for the automotive drive of the future. Experts agree: from fossil fuel combustion engine, it is more and more to adopt. Interesting, therefore, the question of which manufacturer succeeds first to launch an alternative engine option for the market.

For the three-car expert Engelbert Wimmer, Peter Blum and the Handelsblatt correspondent Mark C. Schneider provides the rivalry in the automotive industry the perfect hanger for her work "Powering the Future – How VW and Toyota vie for pole position ".

Speed and search

The book is good, knowledgeable and brings the overdue update of the situation of the vehicle industry. A big plus is this: the chapters are individually read. The authors, of course, occasionally forced reps, but true.

Impressive draw a picture of the three experts of the international situation. After reading I am a bit concerned about the fixation of Volkswagen at Toyota. Is that the real enemies in the distant future? The dispute over Japan’s Europe "against old age," will probably be decisive, "new for old", that is, the confrontation with China, Korea and India.

And another aspect here: Before Toyota’s hybrids, I have less fear than before the emerging concentration of the battery technology in Asia. The development will be fascinating.

The authors in the book arts, philosophy, and leading executives from the two companies against each other – often with a surprising result.

I particularly like the speed of the book, recording the recent facts in this book, although the time-intensive research is not neglected. The manuscript of the experienced with daily messages is clear here that creates dynamic and life and is appropriate for the treatment of an industry in the midst of great change. The reading was fun.

The author is head of ABB’s Board of Directors, is on the board of Telekom and the Alliance and a former supervisory board and CEO of Conti.