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The Initiative research money brings commitment of the countries


HB BERLIN. The CDU politician was relieved, " that hold federal and state governments in the common financing of student loans – that is a strong signal to the students . " Continue with the federal government 65 percent of the student loan program costs the country 35 percent. The student loans will be increased by two percent: after that, the maximum monthly rate increase from 648 to 670 € . expected to increase by the same time increasing the allowances in income of the parents of the circle of the student loan program authorized by 50000-60000 students calculated the Education Ministry. Both together will cost around € 500 million annually , of which 170 million is for the country .

As compensation will be paid Schavan universities in the future in addition to direct funding of research and general expenses. This would represent about 130 million in 2011 , and rise in subsequent years. 2009 there were about 65 million The money these countries will be relieved when the basic funding of universities. In the extreme case, they could then decide to send their universities correspondingly fewer resources.

This is the preliminary culmination of an extensive haggling : Initially wanted the countries of additional sales tax issues – a claim that applies generally continue. In a second step, they tried to force the federal government to take over a bigger share of the student loan costs. Schavan offered only when the candy in funding research , they also gave up this request.

The package offered by Schavan would be a fundamentally new tool in research funded by the Ministry for the universities. Last Schavan completed in 2009 1.375 billion euro for research projects at universities ready . If a professor gets the bid for such funding , his university has been , however, bear the corresponding costs for rooms , heating , cleaning, etc. itself. So research strong universities were punished even financially . For extra expenses they will now also receive a lump sum of 20 percent of research funds. On a detour and the federal government here that is at the core funding of universities.

The internationally very common principle of the package , the so-called "overhead "financing – was at the German Research Foundation – the main financial donor for research projects at universities – introduced in 2006. Here too, the federal government took over the costs. Additional funding is Schavan however not available, but devotes only about money. The millions of the package will ultimately be deducted in funding research itself. The falls , however, hardly as this budget item had been increased only from 2009 to 2010 by 200 million to € 1.575 billion .