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The Koehler-fallers and freedom from pornography


Steve Jobs eigenwillige Defintion von Freiheit sorgt im Netz für Unruhe. Quelle: ap

Steve Jobs idiosyncratic definition of freedom makes the net for alarm. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. The Rückrtritt by President Horst Köhler, the German blogosphere has brought back into focus. How the bloggers helped to bring the ball rolling, has carta.info documented – and in turn triggered an enormous media coverage. Even the heute journal reported – and Mercury Online made even a single policy for students Köhler-fallers. This must probably be the phenomenon that the organizational psychologist and philosopher Peter Kruse network means by "resonance," writes Julius Endert for carta.info. The student who is made by some media on the face of the blogging Köhler-fallers, defends himself vigorously in his blog.

Other netizens of them seems to be against spurious fame gone to his head. As penetrates slowly that no Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen, but Christian Wulff as the favorite for the post of President is out now, already some twitter cocky: "First we have overthrown Köhler, now prevents von der Leyen." Previously, the near-nomination was on the violent Leyens Resistance encountered in the network. The former Minister of Family Affairs is the web only "Zensursula called" after they had made himself unpopular with the Netzaffinen with their push for Internet-locks. Others remained on the ground: Catholic circles had then probably still more influence in the CDU as the Internet activists twitter one of the digital natives.

Loving FoxconnStaff

International was the defining theme in the blogs, the D8-conference of the "Wall Street Journal. They were all there: Apple CEO Jobs Seve, MicrosoftCEO Steve Ballmer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – and convinced more or less. Jobs defended his decision, not to use Flash – And the discussion of this important skillfully analyzes the Basic Thinking Blog.

Even to the suicide series in Apple supplier Foxconn Jobs took position – and pointed out that the suicide rate was there, the suicide rate in the U.S.. Sagittarius help, it was of ZDNet blogger Tom Foremski , The vorrechnete that purely rechnisch work at Foxconn the suicide risk decreased. Finally, it is higher in the face of an estimated 800 000 employees at the supplier, the suicide risk in Chinese population.

Mirror trick from Big Brother Apple

A perennial favorite in Germany is against censorship of Apple’s iPhone applications that match not prudish American ideas. Pixels, Pen and Paper will in this context indicates a particular curiosity: Even the underwear model of advertising in the Aldi Bild.de App-censored, the Blog is amazed – and also discovered that the "Spiegel has done," "what the free world was impossible for "bare skin on the iPad. About a screenshot of a sex-site have made it to Hamburg to circumvent Apple’s vice squad.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had recently caused some confusion by clearly described in a private mail exchange with a blogger’s vision of freedom. "In revolutions is about freedom," protested against the blogger an Apple advertising, which is called the iPad was revolutionary – and surprised when Jobs apparently personally replied: "Yes, freedom from pornography." This statement had something "absurd Orwellian," said the blogger the surprising confession of Appel’s leaders and put the Mail exchange completely online.