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The Maserati? "It was insensitive"


Handelsblatt: Mr. Kienbaum, Gerhard Her father went after the war by bicycle to his consulting clients? Which company car do you have?

Jochen Kienbaum: I have several cars: I usually ride my BMW Mini.

Not a Maserati?


The head of the nonprofit Treberhilfe drove a Maserati for 112 000 euros as a service limousine. Their advisers had reviewed it as "appropriate", as well as the gross annual salary of 322 000 euros 000 euros plus 90 retirement. Kienbaum moved for public flogging. Anything?

In strictly legal terms, the tax opinion was perfectly fine. Looking back, but we would not choose again certainly the case. That was insensitive.

"Maserati Harry" Harald Ehlert resigned. Were there any consequences in your home?

Opinion on the adequacy of the levels are now always vote with management. We already see that many a manager wants to hedge its extreme content. From such people we will not be harnessed to the cart.

Bestselling author Jo Nesbø describes in his thriller "Headhunter" the industry as a "cowboy industry". Realistic?

The book I have read with interest. Nesbø describe, however dubious Headhunter without any professional ethics. Overall, I do not see that the black sheep have enormously increased. Indiscriminate sending of CVs without authority – actually a taboo in our industry – there are indeed more often.

Kienbaum on many personnel search ads. Top international headhunter smile at this often. Annoy you?

Arrogance annoys me, but we see it quite objectively. We are also focused heavily on headhunters and direct search. Ads are a supplement. In parallel, we want to occupy more senior positions in the executive suites. Our contacts with board members, we recently advised on all issues relating to corporate governance, bring us important orders.

They want to occupy more board chair. And the top international recruiters poaching in your area, the middle management. If the market is too narrow?

Whether the international headhunter for middle management skills, have the need to prove it first. In 5000 the headhunters are also many ex-corporate executive hire as individual consultants. But competition is increasing.

How important is international day for headhunters?

We have to grow with our clients abroad, otherwise jump to the major to the networks. 22 global locations has Kienbaum. We are aiming at 40-50 international offices, others in China and Russia. In 2011, we found a first subsidiary in India.

In the crisis of the recruitment market has collapsed by 25 percent. How did your business?

Sales of the group also dropped, but only by ten percent to EUR 115.7 million euros. Because we rely on several pillars: full advice on all personnel matters, management consulting and communications consulting. This combination is quite unique.

What are your plans?

We expect strong double-digit growth in 2010. In the next five years we want to increase in management consulting revenue of 58 million euros to 100 million euros. Next year we looking for up to 50 new employees.

The staff carousel turns to you again?

After the crisis many middle management positions are filled. And in 2011 the companies will realize they can not find the personnel they need for more revenue. This goes through all levels.

What positions are particularly looking for?

Chefs are now increasingly replaced for reasons of age, they had to keep the crisis in the position. Companies are also looking desperately professional supervisory boards. They came so far mostly on the recommendation, now it comes to evaluation of the supervisory board and specific requirements which the optimum composition. Are also looking for managers with international experience.

What type of manager is in demand today?

Two things he must be able to: increase efficiency within the company. German have good cards in international comparison – if only by their mentality ago. But equally important is the ability to entrain others to give them orientation.

Athletes are the better managers? They themselves were even times European champions in handball school.

To struggle – the athletes have to master how managers. Team sport reinforces the team spirit. And who has been bitten by a lone soldier, can usually focus very well. Athletes can relax after the competition and charge for a new target again with emotions. These are skills that are also extremely important for managers. But not every athlete is a good manager.

2011 you will be 65th When do you want to retire?

The date is yet to be as accurate. My deputy Juergen Kunz is, of course then at the forefront. But in the future, family members should sit with the management team. Two of my six children show interest in the business. Daughter Julia has been working in the house. Clear that I am that.

Mr. Kienbaum, thank you for your time.


Early Years In the quiet Gummersbach founded Gerhard Kienbaum 1945 Consulting. Today the group has 645 employees in 22 locations worldwide. Apart from looking for managers Kienbaum advises companies in human resources and compensation matters and management issues. Kienbaum made 2009 sales of 115.7 million euros.

Founder’s son Since 1986, directs the son of the founder, Jochen Kienbaum, 63, the counseling. The passionate art collector and former handball player, is married and has six children. Kienbaum in Gummersbach Handball Academy established a boarding school for about 15 talents over 14 years.