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The relaxed way to riches


Susanne Levermann verrät wie Anleger an der Börse den Überblick behalten können. Quelle: dpa

Susanne Levermann reveals how investors in the stock market can keep track of. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. Since time immemorial, people strive for wealth. On the stock markets in the world, they try their luck and hope for fat profits. An instruction is not short indeed. Countless Guides have been written in recent years about stocks and investing in general, unfortunately, many of them the paper on which they are written, not worth it. Investors should better not give too much to the advice and supposed magic formulas, but especially critical to avoid.

Even Susan Lever, formerly in top manager at Germany’s largest fund company DWS, has tried to market a adviser. "The relaxed way to wealth" is his name, published by Hanser and well over 200 pages hard. In the Handelsblatt-seller list of the best selling business books in Germany is the book with the deck chairs on the cover for weeks in the top spots.

The title is reminiscent of all the other gold trading rules and how-will-I-rich guide. Apparently, stock market literature sold particularly well, accept if the gentle reader, can soon be in the league of extraordinary millionaires to rise – without much effort as possible, of course.

And yet there is a difference, even a large: Lever Mann is a relaxed way to riches better than most other books of the genre, a particular part, the small balance sheet analysis. Easy to understand Levermann explained in how to recognize small investors, what makes a good company, and in which the balance sheet can be measured best. The boring number-game in itself is easy to read and is broken up by a quiz in which readers can check whether they have understood the statements before. Exchange can also be fun.

The most important is the stock selection. Lever man presents to readers a point system, which helps retail investors find the right papers for themselves. Points are awarded will include the previously described figures, plus the share price in recent months and analysts’ estimates. The more points together, the more attractive a stock. The good news for small investors: the necessary data for the Levermann’sche equation are relatively easy to find on the Internet. You have to be a fund manager then, and have sophisticated computer programs to apply the scoring system in practice.

One should not forget the reader: quite as easy and relaxed the way to wealth is not, even if it is on the cover. Investors need patience, writes Levermann – and above all, discipline. Those who learn to raise both but should have good opportunities, including long-term in the stock market to the winners. Unlike other help this guide.

Susan Lever Man: The relaxed way to riches
Hanser, Munich 2010, 266 pages, 24.90 €