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The risky game of the Qantas chief


DÜSSELDORF. Dustin Hoffman brings it in the movie "Rain Man" to the point. "Qantas," he says in his role as the autistic Ray to his brother Charlie (Tom Cruise), "Qantas never crashed". No airline is good enough for Ray except the one with the kangaroo. With each other, which suggests Charlie at the airport, he shakes his head – and counts on the accidents and the dead.

Never before in an incident on Qantas someone was killed – an image that money is worth. The German accident investigation office JACDEC has named only the beginning of the year, the Australians have the safest airline in the world.

But the picture is showing cracks. A strange series of incidents since the summer of 2008, the airline constantly in the headlines: A hole in the outer shell of a Boeing 747 in flight, a sudden nose dive from the computer initiated a A330, the emergency landing of a Boeing 737 in Adelaide. The accident, the Airbus A380 in Singapore on Thursday after an engine damage fits seamlessly into the series of glitches.

That is why Qantas boss Alan Joyce was quick on Friday to keep the responsibility of his airline. Even if one can still say anything precise, so a specially convened press conference on Joyce, trade security but "probably a material defect or a design problem."

Translated, this means that the fault of the manufacturer Airbus and the misfortune-Trent 900 engine series, the British Rolls-Royce. Technicians of the two companies would now review all the time being held on the ground Qantas A380, Joyce insisted, so that they could soon start again.

Joyce wants to soothe and prevent the incident affects the number of bookings, after all it could "give temporary psychological effect on the passengers’ one, such as Per-Ola Hellgren, aviation analyst at LBBW suspects.

But making the move, Airbus and Rolls-Royce is responsible, is not without risk: if it appears that Qantas really bears no responsibility, although the airline off the hook is, as the expert. "However, the research shows that Joyce’s acquittal was premature, then the consequences may be incalculable." What if there was a problem with maintenance?

First, however, the buck actually lies closer to the manufacturers. "The two now have the problem," said Hellgren.