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The year of the emerging


Fondshäuser setzen 2010 auf Schwellenländer. Foto: dpa

Fund houses set in 2010 on emerging economies. Photo: dpa

HB DÜSSELDORF. Who has set a year ago on emerging markets funds, is pleased to now have a significant return on investment. In part, have their investments more than doubled, as shown by the latest figures from the Federation Fund BVI. Funds investing in shares from the so-called emerging markets have risen in the past twelve months, on average, 75.5 percent. Term of five years, the performance is the price increase was at 89 percent, the equivalent of 13.6 percent per year. By comparison, Germany-equity funds managed in five years just to a total increase of 27.9 percent and an average annual return of five percent.

No wonder that emerging markets fund go down well with investors. A trend to place on the fund companies. According to a recent survey by the rating agency Feri Rating Services under € 67 companies the year 2010 will be marked by the Emerging Markets. Nearly 85 percent of respondents expect the 2010 "rising assets under management," thus increasing fund assets. The biggest sales potential provides almost a quarter of the houses for emerging market equity funds, followed by value strategies (14.1 percent) and European equity funds (10.7 percent). 13.3 percent of respondents believe they are in emerging market bond funds, the best potential. are corporate bonds (24.7 percent) and inflation linked pensions (15.3 percent) rated as more attractive.

"The survey results for the emerging markets is consistent with our recent private investors monitor, which had revealed significantly higher ratings for emerging systems," said Christopher Wolter, fund analyst at Feri. "Compared to the autumn 2009 survey, the confidence of equity funds has generally been coming down somewhat, although this still be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of other asset classes such as bonds, real estate and money market products."

Foreign companies are emerging segment in the view of the fund industry set the best. JP Morgan is the most commonly viewed as a strong competitor in the field of equity funds, followed by Aberdeen into second place. HSBC and Schroders are divided in the standings to third place. As a provider of pension funds will see the companies surveyed Pictet than most competitors, followed by Swiss & Global, Franklin Templeton and Schroders.