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Tobogganers sled storm shutters


Tobogganers in spending spree: Due to the continuing winter weather, the farmer stores the sleigh full swing. The industry is the sudden demand scarcely master: The warehouses are almost empty.

Berlin / London – "Gigantic", "Land unter", "Top-season" – German manufacturer and distributor of luges stingy these days not with superlatives. Due to the continuing winter weather, the demand is so great as have been in years.

One or the other providers of the industry gets noticeably quiet, given the boom in times of stress. "We produce what is possible," said farmer Michael Ress sleds from the Franconia Schwebheim on Thursday.

But the capacity of his company Ress carriages partout not sufficient. ‘ve Used since the snow, stood his Faxes not stopped ringing. "If I had now 10,000 pieces of stock that would be gone as soon as the carriers could go. The trouble is, I have orders and they can not serve." The situation was exacerbated by the fact that his company had significantly reduced due to the generally mild winter, its capacity since the eighties. In addition, many dealers were barely slide in stock.

By a huge storm also reported the CEO of the sled importer RPL Trading, Rudolf Paul Luedtke. Like it had been there last in 2006. "I could have in recent days, thousands of slides in addition to sell – in addition to the three or four thousand, which gave me the manufacturer has made available an extra," he said.

Many Britons to flee into the sun

In Germany, he had sold this season about 50,000 wooden sledges. "Extremely it went off between the years", said the wholesaler. "From then on I have used for production capacity." The next shipment came in early February, but the supply would not be enough by far.

For plastic sleds have attracted the demand compared to last season by an estimated 40 percent, reports the producer KHW plastic and wood-processing factory in the Thuringian Geschwenda. "We are working around the clock," said sales manager Anneliese Haak. Supply shortages, there is still no, but it must now be reckoned with when ordering two weeks waiting time.

From a "Top-season," said Achim from Germany Ihl distribution of the Swedish producer Stiga. "We’re definitely at a very high level." The stocks were still delivered, but the end of January will be the end. "Then there’s simply nothing more," said Ihl.

Even if the portal of Internet retailer Amazon Germany is looking for sleds, is common, especially in wood models, only the statement: "Currently unavailable." Quite different results emerged from the consequences of winter weather in the UK. There, the department store chain Debenhams is not only reported a sales increase of 22 percent in artificial fur, but also a run on Swimwear: Many Britons took advantage of special offers from travel suppliers, to flee to warmer climes.