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Toyota takes a close look at suppliers


Toyota-Vizechef Shinichi Sasaki will die Qualität verbessern. Quelle: Reuters

Toyota vice chairman Shinichi Sasaki wants to improve the quality. Source: Reuters

BRUSSELS. The Japanese car company Toyota draws first practical consequences from the global margins in future disasters and take his suppliers on the short leash. "We will build a new unit of engineers who will look continue to strengthen their dialogue with the suppliers," said ToyotaShinichi Sasaki, vice chairman of the Handelsblatt in Brussels. A stronger-sourcing, ie the retrieval of orders in the group, plane Toyota not.

Sasaki was yesterday, together with Boss Akio Toyoda Group in Brussels to thank the European workforce for their efforts in the heavy crisis of the company. There, despite the global margins disaster Toyota its growth targets for 2010 but not on: After showing a worldwide slump in sales early this year, the sales figures again in March of recovery, "said Toyoda. It is too early to write off the sales plans for 2010.

Toyota six percent want to sell more cars

So far, the world’s largest automaker expects to increase its sales in the current year by six percent to 8.27 million vehicles. But Group Vice Sasaki saw the goal given the recent collapse in demand is already in danger. In Europe alone, the sales of the Japanese invaded in February against the trend by about 20 percent. Also in the important U.S. market, sales fell by nine per cent recently. With an extensive discount program of car manufacturers in the U.S. now wants to win back buyers.

The Japanese company is facing a global recalls of more than 8.5 million cars because of unintended acceleration and braking problems under increasing pressure. The U.S. Office of Traffic Safety, with 52 deaths brings the technical defects in combination. In very few cases, although so far proved that Toyota Debt carries. But the damage to their image and the financial risk of the fiasco are already immense.

As a consequence of the breakdown appointed Toyota yesterday after the U.S. and Japan and in Europe with the European vice-chief Didier Leroy a new quality manager for the region. The Frenchman, Europe will continue to be represented on the newly installed global quality committee of the Group on 30 Convene the first time in Japan in March, chaired by Sasaki is. Leroy will take on the task in addition to his present functions, Toyoda said. The group leader asked yesterday for the first time after the debacle of a small group of European journalists. Europe is for Toyota a key market, said Toyoda, who joined the band in the gray jacket employees before the employees at headquarters.

The notoriously publicity-shy company boss tries to – after his apology in February before a U.S. congressional committee – and in Europe to contain the damage. Toyota had grown faster than it did the organization can absorb, admitted the 53-year-old grandson of the founder. But the group would do everything possible to regain the trust of customers, dealers and employees. The Group has reported incidents since 2007, first explained by loose floor mats and then with defects in the statements delivered pedal. U.S. security authorities had recently criticized that the Volkswagen-Had reacted too slowly to rival security concerns and complaints from customers.

Group must deal with dozens of class action lawsuits

For Toyota Toyoda, and much is at stake: the company image, customer confidence, billions of transactions, the entire future – and the personal honor. The carmaker is reflected around in the U.S. with several dozen civil lawsuits, including many of the notorious class-action lawsuits. Law firms in the United States are currently advertising heavily to clients. Not only accident victims or their relatives to demand compensation. Car dealers want to compensate for the collapsed sales ToyotaOwners for the loss in value of their cars.

In Europe, had been completed the planned withdrawal of up to 1.8 million vehicles already at 40 percent of the workshops, Toyoda said. If possible, wants to July Toyota have already repaired all recalled cars in Europe.

The Group has made provisions for the global recall, first of two billion dollars. About the exact cost of the disaster margins Toyoda did however give any information. Analysts estimate that the margin series (at least five billion dollars cost the equivalent of 3.7 billion euros) will be. At the repairs yourself which is accounted in their opinion, the smaller part. The biggest chunk of seeing them in compensation payments, loss of revenue through the sales decline at the beginning and massive discounts that Toyota currently used to encourage the sale again.