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Trade is good, according to DIHK survey by the crisis


2010-04-06_Drive-in-Baumarkt_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The trading companies in Germany have apparently come through the crisis better than first thought. The findings of a survey of German Industry and Commerce (DIHK forth), published by the Chamber organization on Tuesday in Berlin. (Reuters photo:)

According to the "Trade Report 2010" to the trade earlier this year has held up well. " More than three quarters of the dealers in the survey rated their situation as good or satisfactory. "For the industry, although slightly less satisfied than the overall economy, but it remains at the level of autumn 2009," said Chambers.
As for the expectations for 2010, the wholesale look back with much more optimism in the future than in the previous year. The expectations in the retail sector, however, remained somewhat more reserved, but they improved at least slightly. "The feared long time ‘fat end’ when consumption is likely to fail – especially thanks to the encouraging robust labor market", expected the DIHK. The prospects for international business brightened once more to clear. The wholesale export benefits from the improved economic development in virtually all parts of the world.
The investments in the industry would resume, particularly in the wholesale trade and trade intermediaries. Even the retailers reported slightly higher budget, which evaluated the Chambers, in his report as a sign of returning confidence in the economic recovery. Stronger investment would be particularly large commercial companies. Particularly negative Imagine, however, the situation in the motor trade dar. in trade would have even the employment plans improved slightly compared with the value from the fall of 2009. However, they remained at a low level, so the trade would hardly contribute to job creation.
The evaluation is according to Chambers, a special assessment of its current economic survey of the 80 Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Germany for the trade dar. basis for the DIHK results interviews with the companies through the chambers, which evaluated in February 2010 more than 26,000 responses had, of which almost 7,000 responses from the market. The survey took place mainly in January / February 2010, the evaluation in the Chambers was completed in late March 2010.

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