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Train checks complete construction freeze


HB STUTTGART. This had made the Greens and the Alliance against the billion-project to a condition of participation in the planned first meeting for Friday.

Geissler said the ARD "Morning Magazine", which could already begun laying pipes above ground for the regulation of ground water may be interrupted. "I did last night three hours by train chief Dr. (Rüdiger) talked pit and elicit just now, if indeed this groundwater management in the time of arbitration, to be so in the next few weeks actually performed must. They must now examine and I get during the day tomorrow, the answer ", said the rate experienced arbitrator.

The SPD-running federal discussed on Monday in the Baden-Wuerttemberg state capital of Stuttgart 21 Sigmar Gabriel called for a party leader clearly building freeze. In the time it is taught in, may there be no further contract awards and no construction work, said Gabriel. The mediation talks held by the CDU politician Geissler would have in an objective atmosphere, warned Gabriel.

The railway wants to rebuild currently 4.1 billion euros for the listed terminal station in an underground transit station. In contrast, there are protests for months the population. In mediation, the expected start at the end of the week is to be found by the end of November, a compromise.

He hoped for a concession on both sides, Geissler said on ARD. The main thing is that finally, the respective positions would come to the table. "The whole thing is a question of credibility. It all facts, figures and estimates on the table." The conditions for talks expected to not be screwed so high that a settlement is not possible, warned Geissler.

During the reign of peace mediation mandatory continued Geissler. "It has no value if we sit there and drive around outside the window excavator. As one can lead any reasonable discussion." On the other hand, there could be reasons that the construction of "one or the other thing can not be stopped immediately." This is to clarify the task of the coming days.

Geissler had last Thursday for irritation caused because he had said: "It may not be created after the fact, while we negotiate." The proponents and opponents had understood as a complete construction freeze during the arbitration. Then Prime Minister Stefan had Mappus (CDU), who had called Geissler, denied the statement made by the mediator.

On Friday Mappus and Geissler said then together, the bulk of the construction work would be suspended – only the groundwater management move on. Green party leader Winfried Kretschmann had initially accepted it, then rowed back though.

Mappus holds under its little changes in the architecture of the planned "Stuttgart 21" by the station for possible mediation. "I stand next to the project, but if changes are desired, then this is for me not a knockout criterion, undersecretary said on Monday in the Saudi port city of Jeddah during his nearly six-day trade mission by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. If changes are desired in the architecture, one must face up to. "Then I must not be accused of that I’m the project more expensive," said undersecretary. Below could be a building Topps talked about everything during the conciliation meeting, he said again. This applies for example to cultivate the land released, or the manner of execution of the works, such as the drilling performance to reduce noise and dirt.

The settlement negotiations are loud Mappus likely to start on Thursday. Those who sit with him, state Transport Minister Tanja patrons (CDU) and the web page of the project opponents at the table was still not fixed, he said. During the peace talks are not intended to be continued until no further construction work on two limitations. These are safety-related work at the tracks and the establishment of groundwater management in the castle garden. Also during the talks should be awarded any new contracts. These should be moved, but without it it will come to a greater Bauverzug explained Mappus.

The SPD state leader Nils Schmid welcomed the commitment Geissler though, but limits the Bayerischer Rundfunk: "This is not resolvable contrast Either it is built or not built at the end – there will be no middle ground.." Therefore, it could only lead Geissler preparing for a popular decision. Also, Gabriel told the board meeting: "It is not any case against the population." Policy must also be discussed, whether citizens should not be involved in major projects stronger.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had made a "pretty big mistake" when she got the state election in Baden-Württemberg in March 2011 chosen to be a decision on the rail project, said the SPD leader. "She said it was a project of national importance. I’m waiting now that she says it’s about world peace. It is a transportation project in Baden-Württemberg and the question, you can pay it at all."

Rail boss wanted to pit on Monday evening for the first time speak in public since the controversial police action against a demonstration in front of one and a half weeks before the public of Stuttgart. The 4.1 billion euro project Stuttgart 21 provides for the reconstruction of the Stuttgart train station head in an underground transit station and its connection to the planned new ICE route to Ulm.