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Train pit boss criticizes staff


Bahn-Chef Grube: "Die Wahrheit muss auf den Tisch." Quelle: dpa

Train pit boss : "The truth must be on the table. " Source: AP

HB Berlin . Bahn chief Ruediger Grube has criticized the crisis management of its employees in connection with the failed air-conditioning IC . "There are apparently mistakes have been made . The prosecution and we are currently investigating these cases in detail. And the truth must be on the table , "said mine the news magazine "Der Spiegel ". For such emergencies , there is the exact train instructions to train crews.

This included bringing the car to a stop as quickly and try to get the air conditioning back on track . Case it totally out , had a Ersatzzug be organized. That did not work out a few times.

Grube said he was surprised by the problems with the air conditioning completely . Notwithstanding any other reports it had previously been no problems with the component, said the rail head

Other failures of air conditioning systems in the affected trains were not excluded : " If I said , it is never again this summer from an air conditioner , then I would be lying . But I can assure you that we will work day and night to get the problems under control. "

Criticized pit again to the railway industry. "Of course I am angry. Because ultimately have to carry our customers and our employees are always new problems with the trains. "Each of the series so far delivered their quirks have had. As to whether the industry would have joint liability , "said Grube : "Furthermore we can talk if we have the problems under control. "

The margins of the ICE standard with air conditioning – 2 series will be discussed next Tuesday at a summit meeting in Berlin. It will save mine and Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU ) also participate in the transport experts of the parliamentary factions .

Ramsauer , meanwhile, was planned years before going public for the rail defects responsible. "Today’s Railway Board to Rüdiger Grube spooning out the soup , which has been brewed in front of the old management years ago, " Ramsauer said in an interview with news magazine " Focus ".

First, the former federal governments have given way to the IPO and the railways were the balance sheets " decorated for the trading floor "has been . "A compulsory savings was due to generate business figures, which should enable the stock market. The brewed soup must be spooned out now , "said Ramsauer .

Federal Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner criticized the management of Deutsche Bahn with the problem of the failed air conditioning systems in high-speed trains criticized. "It was salami tactic , not a crisis , "she told the Bild am Sonntag " that . "People are rightly angry about the technical problems and the inadequate communication of the railway. "

Aigner warned of swift action of those responsible : "The problems with the air conditioning units must train now quickly get a grip . For temperatures above 32 degrees are not uncommon these days , "she said. Travelers in trains should be immediately informed of the failure of the air conditioning. The staff must be aware of such situations would also be sufficient drinks be on board , she demanded.