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Turkey searches for weapons German freighter


German freighter: Mysterious "Atlantic Cruiser"

As for the "Atlantic Cruiser" has loaded? The German freighter was en route to Syria, will now be searched for weapons at a Turkish port. Tax collectors, policemen and diplomats to inspect the ship together.

Istanbul – The "Atlantic Cruiser" has entered the port of Turkey’s Mediterranean city of Iskenderun. The German cargo ship and it is investigating, according to the Anatolia news agency on potential weapons on board.

The Spiegel reported that the "Atlantic cruiser" Emden to bring the shipping company Bockstiegel heavy military equipment and ammunition from Iran to Syria, to be supported by the regime of the pressurized dictator Bashar al-Assad. The Emden shipping company claims it has no evidence of a weapons charge for Syria.

Police, customs officers and diplomats planned a joint raid on board the German 6200-ton freighter, Anadolu reported.Berlin is also watching the case closely.

Late last week the ship was stopped in front of Syria, it was at times even disappeared completely . The freighter had repeatedly turned off their transponder, which sends a ship, a positioning signal. According to SPIEGEL information, the cargo was known by a deserter from the Syrian government apparatus and the shipping company warned Emden. Held in the Syrian port of Tartus, the target ship was diverted to Iskenderun, but then it went for days through the eastern Mediterranean, to drive without a port.

What is really on board? The case is puzzling. Shipbrokers Torsten Lüddeke of the CEG Bulk Chartering for the chartering of the "Atlantic Cruiser" was responsible, said: "We have stopped the ship after we received information on the weapons charge." The freighter had been leased to the Ukrainian company White Whale Shipping in Odessa. "They charge us as particularly pumps and things like that declared," claimed Lüddeke, "we would never let weapons on board."

The shipping company Bockstiegel emphasized that there were no weapons on board. She made the charge by its own account of the crew inspect part. IN QUESTION When destined for Syria charge it "to parts of a thermal power plant," which are determined by an Indian manufacturer for the Ministry of Electricity in Syria, it said in a statement.

That it is in charge of the ship not only to civilian goods, but to speak the information to be made the captain of the "Atlantic cruiser," both before the passage of the Suez Canal, as later on before a scheduled fuel stop Cyprus. He transporting cargo of dangerous classes "UN 0105, 0030, 0029 and 0065", he stated – which are abbreviations for electrical and other explosives and explosive devices.

The EU countries have imposed because of the brutal suppression of the protest movement, a variety of sanctions against the Assad regime. This includes an arms embargo. The UN Security Council has so far imposed no sanctions.

The federal government to follow this case as well. While the ship is officially flagged out after a Caribbean country, the Berlin ministries are therefore not responsible for the event. Nevertheless, they had repeatedly promised over the weekend to solve the case. With Turkey, it was agreed, therefore, on a small service path that the authorities there to send her information on the cargo to Germany. Even within this week will be clarified as to whether the "Atlantic Cruiser" actually had weapons on board for the Syrian regime or not.