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Twitter deserves to Internet Search


Twitter writes clearly for the first time the black – thanks to Google and Microsoft. According to "BusinessWeek" pay the company a total of 25 million U.S. dollars for display Twitter messages in the results of their search engines.

Washington – The short message service Twitter has found a business model: This year, writes that three years ago based start-up appears for the first time in the black. Contracts with the Microsoft Bing and the Internet search engine giant Google had bestowed a small profit, told "BusinessWeek" , citing informed sources.

Google and Microsoft have their work to more immediate access to the Twitter short messages savedTo include these in the results of their search engines. This real-time search the Internet giant is apparently worth a lot of money: Google should have paid according to "BusinessWeek" 15 million U.S. dollars on Twitter, Microsoft about ten million dollars. Minus the operating costs would remain for the first time, a small profit for the year.

Thus Twitter has succeeded in something, you can dream of the many content providers only: The search engines voluntarily pay money for access to the freely available information. So far, the attempts of publishers and rights holders have failed to get money from search engines for searching their contents. Except in the specific search offerings for news or books. In contrast to the Twitter messages that are displayed completely that deliver results but otherwise found the content of the short cracks.

Twitter users can send 140 messages a long time, those interested can subscribe to these so-called Tweets. So far, however, the company lacked a model to earn money with this service. The considerations are many and varied at the time, is being studied as the ability to offer premium accounts for businesses.