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U.S. and Japan to start a trade war


Das Verhör von Akio Toyoda hat Japaner betroffen gemacht. Quelle: 

The interrogation of Akio Toyoda has been struck, Japanese. Source: Reuters

TOKYO. Uncertainty in three layers. Jacket, shirt and sweater including, above a mantle. The first harbingers of spring, has sent in the Kanto region, the thermometer shows 16 degrees, the television stations on the lookout for the first cherry blossom. Gently heat tingling in the neck.

Most travelers on the train from Tokyo to Yokohama, but do not trust the sun. The Japanese, masters of the onion tested principle, are always prepared for any weather condition. A form of anxiety and constant watchfulness restraint she moves through life. And the winter is not gone.

Has in Yokohama Nissan asked to call, a Meet-Up event actually, but again you can not get on the primary issue over in Japan. Toyota and its recall disaster. And here, in the modern architecture, which collects the sun with a giant feels glass mirrors, one of the coolness that spreads the topic. To Toyota No clear word. But not a word about the good sales of Nissan.

Actually, he is in fact still there, in everyday life, but also in business and politics, the ground frost. The recession has only recently been banned, and the positive numbers, which announce a slight upturn, are piling up. But Japan holds back and observe. The island-state it does not save its protective membranes. And not without reason: many Japanese still do not know what to make of this story. Puts its main group, the world’s biggest carmaker ToyotaReally in crisis? Could he bring back the cold?

A crisis, of which, many say it is politics, it is great politics. It is a fight America against Japan, if not against the whole of Asia.

At last Yasuki Kondo (names of the editors), the ToyotaDealers around the corner, they are, the cars that have triggered the crisis. So far, they meant one thing above all: the superiority of the East Asian production art. Above all, the big seller Prius, whose blankgewienerte torpedo-shape is still somewhat of a Citroen recalls. The first true hybrid. With him since the Japanese drive the Europeans and Americans it – in the direction of eco-car in the future.

Then came the accidents. Supposedly uncontrollably accelerating Toyota, Jammed floor mats and accelerator pedals, the Prius customers felt that not using the brakes. Toyota had to recall almost every day new models, 8.5 million today. And with the callbacks were the problems. President Akio Toyoda did not look for a long time before the press. Then, his appearance seemed uncertain. The Americans say Toyota I knew the mistakes early on, but kept silent. Toyota Although the other hand, has publicly apologized, but maintains that it had acted promptly.

White and silver, that are the colors that are most popular with Japanese. Virginal innocent, clean. But even on car dealers Kondo will not speak on that day. "Questions can be answered only by the headquarters," he nods apologetically. Toyota has closed ranks. And analysts, usually rather verbose, diving from the day when statements about Toyota wants.

Toyota is powerful. And Japan is its own best, especially when it gets difficult.

Reserved, industrious, and pressed into a tight corset of rules, this country has developed in a relatively short time from a nation that believes in divine emperor’s second largest economy in the world. But really it has not globalized. Japan continues to give emphasis on closed systems. The big companies are heavily penetrated behind its glass facades to the present, foreign investors fail at foreclosed Japan-AG, networks are all, especially in politics. Even journalists have their own press clubs, which does not find any inlet.

To the Americans with their responsibility and individual freedom preaching the culture may seem very strange. And so is the confrontation with Toyota not only a trade war, but also a kind of cultural struggle, many believe. Fighting the Americans something they do not understand. And the Japanese do not understand why.

Mehr als eine Entschuldigung musste her, nicht zuletzt deshalb 
flossen Tränen. Quelle: Reuters

More than an apology needed here, not least because of tears flowed. Source: Reuters

Neither Mrs. Ito. Mr. Kondo, the distributors of their confidence, may be sworn to secrecy, they do not. "We were quite surprised all the excitement," she says – and says the excitement in America. 35 years old she is, two children, their hair tied together in a braid. They housewife, her husband works in construction. The classical average family. Her Prius had Bitches. "But I thought that is a typical trait of this model." No reason to be equally hysterical. Mr. Kondo has corrected the mistake immediately.

Superficially, one might say: It’s this easy, too. But in fact, has the ToyotaProblem to another dimension.

While the financial crisis, the big U.S. car manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler to the brink of ruin, and brought only a boarding ensured the survival of the state, put the Japanese corporations relatively safe in the curve. During GM completely by surprise and hastily announced an electric car, the Japanese have tinkered with an improvement in charging technology. Foremost ToyotaWho GM as the largest carmaker left behind.

Even in these days, the Japanese remain popular among customers. The "Consumer Report" of a U.S. magazine said on Thursday Honda and Subaru as the most popular cars out, Toyota is in third place. At the last place: The U.S. competition from Chrysler.

The U.S. can not "indifferent. Especially since America’s economy is also threatened danger from Korea and China. The Koreans even go to the Japanese in Samsung in terms Elektronic almost like on the car market, they have quickly caught up with Hundai-Kia. And China’s aggressive and unbridled economic recovery is likely to make the Americans also suspicious.

At the same time, the new Japanese government of the Democrats, Japan also tried bringing foreign policy closer to China. From a community like the European Union is the question. Economically, China has already replaced the U.S. as the largest trading partner of Japan.

Especially has angered the United States, moreover, that Japan’s economic recovery plan intended as a cash injection for buyers of eco-cars so enriched, that no American model came into play. Only at the insistence of the Government of Japan eased the requirements.

Should now return the western empire? Even in America there are people who suspect that what initially looked like a business problem is in fact a trade war. A war to reconquer the American policy in the territories will, that they have lost their businesses.

Evidence suggesting that many of the allegations against Toyota not even proved. In particular, does not mean that ToyotaAre models for the cause accidents. While CEO Akio Toyoda has perfectly shaped itself in the United States apologized for defective cars "I’m very sorry for everyone ToyotaDriver who had an accident, "he said on Wednesday at the congressional hearing. Quarter-page printed from the major Japanese newspapers Toyoda’s speech justifying. Toyoda But still insists that the car did not brake his errors are still customers were informed too late.

The Americans, however, believe the opposite. How is the heated atmosphere, show the performances of the representatives in Congress. "Toyota has played down or ignored complaints" had been the chairman of the inquiry, Ed Towns, indignantly declared on Thursday. Toyota had "failed in front of the customer". Money and growth, the general opinion in the U.S., the group had been more important than human lives.

In Japan, people must earn the other hand, only once. The policy seems surprised by the sharp sounds from America. Carefully recently hinted Transport Seiji Maehara, I hope that the U.S. would see that Toyota also a lot of jobs in America are safe. Even Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Wednesday tried to shut down the excitement. "That should not be regarded as something that the economic relations between Japan and the United States charged."

Maehara same time, let it be known that the Japanese government itself 38 complaints between 2007 to 2009 by Toyota-Wants to see owners regarding the uncontrolled acceleration. But once again he urged for restraint. During this time, "said Maehara, there had been 134 such complaints. Toyota was therefore only in 28, 3 percent of the cases have been affected. "This relationship fits precisely to the market ratio of the car manufacturers."

Nun lästern auch US-Abgeordnete über die Porduktionsmethoden 
Toyotas. Quelle: ap

Now, slander and U.S. MPs on Porduktionsmethoden Toyotas. Source: AP

But for those spells, it is probably already too late. The war seems already in full swing. On Thursday it was announced that the FBI has three U.S. subsidiaries of Japanese auto supplier has targeted for illegal collusion. Hyundai stopped intimidated the U.S. sale of its Sonata sedan – because of defective door locks.

The Japanese economy is not dare currently out of her shell. Although car sales in January look well and make all the major car manufacturers a plus, although exports have increased by 40.9 percent in January and have faster speeds than that in the past 30 years, business and citizens to hold their breath. Even the designated new head of the powerful Keidanren business association, Hiromasa Yonekura, extreme is only marginally a conference reticent American disapproval of the behavior. "This is a hard thing," said Yonekura – and meant running the gauntlet of Akio Toyoda before the U.S. Congress.

Japan is doing what it has learned to do in difficult situations. Wait factually remain, with a dash of fatalism can be taken the discomforts of the time about themselves.

This applies even to those who had had an accident with a Prius. Takuo Seki offered as his parents put their car in the driveway, he landed unceremoniously in front of the wall. The architect from Osaka was switched from his older model in the newer of the parents and had the new braking are feeling the new Prius. "The new system uses later, thereby extending the braking distance," believes Seki. So he brought the car into the garage, where the brakes were re-programmed course free of charge. "It took 10 minutes."

Require the recommendation of his parents, however, but also a replacement for the broken bumper too, went unheeded. The parents did not want the dealer to make too many circumstances.