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U.S. data point to continued economic recovery


FRANKFURT / WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) – A series of good U.S. economic data on Friday to a sustained recovery in U.S. economy is interpreted. Industrial output grew in April Ride, and retail sales rose unexpectedly, as U.S. Federal Reserve and Department of Commerce announced. Also brightened the  U.S. consumer sentiment in May on what further positive for the Outlook. Thus the start of the second quarter has succeeded well.

The rise in industrial production in the USA in the April accelerated strongly. As the Federal Reserve announced that increased the industrial production in April by 0.8% over the previous month;  which the expectations of economists surveyed Dow Jones Newswires corresponded. It was the second consecutive rise. In March, a Production increase of revised 0.2% (provisional: plus 0.1%), and been.

"The strong improvements of the industry is a strong Foundation for the recovery of the U.S. economy, "said Commerzbank economist Christoph Balz. In the last three quarters have generating annualized projected each by around 7% over the Sequentially increased, and recent data pointed to a Continuation of this trend. The industry therefore remain the main driver economic recovery in the U.S..
The upward trend in industrial production is expected after  Assessment Postbank economist Fabienne Riefer continue. "Current Business Climate indicator, like the ISM Index basket, also suggests that the upward trend in U.S. industry first stops and the sector is therefore an important pillar of U.S. economic recovery remains, "said Riefer.
Also, the retail sales surprised at the beginning of the second Quarter positive. Retail sales rose in April, compared  the previous month by 0.4%, while economists on average with a decline had expected 0.1%. For March, the U.S. Department of Commerce a Revised rise of 2.1% for the overall rate at, which is the strongest Growth this year was recorded.
Commerzbank economist Bernd Steiner Willow points out that the pace of growth was weakening in retail. But is due to the strong growth rates in the first quarter Starting point for retail in the second quarter prices. "Even modest growth would be sufficient to sales in the Quarter, well above the average in the first quarter reached to raise standards, "said Steiner pastures. folge Private consumption so that the expected location, and will continue the Spur economic growth.
A look at the detail in retail sales showed However, light and shadow. Particularly clearly laid the sales of  Building materials and garden equipment (up 6.9%) to cause observers to  Tax expired end of April to first- Houses back. In many other areas, however Recorded sales declines.
"The negative rebound in different areas of retail sales is within our expectations. The positive signals regarding the building activity mean that the Economic recovery even this ailing sector of the economy slowly achieved, "explain the economists at DekaBank.
Also have the outlook for private consumption improved. The mood among U.S. consumers brightened in May on, though not quite as clear as expected. Of the University of Michigan on behalf of Reuters calculated index of consumer sentiment in the United States put the Results of the first survey to 73.3 from 72.2 at. The U.S. consumer play a key role for the U.S. economy because about 70% of the Gross domestic product from private consumption depend.
Postbank economist Henry Bayer points out, however, that in consumer confidence since the beginning of a Lateral movement are. The advantage of the improving economic situation has therefore not in the mood of U.S. consumers depressed. "This requires perhaps even clearer signals that the  Reversal is achieved in the labor market, "said the economist, said but added: "On the other hand holds the subdued mood of the consumer but not from starting again consume more, as previously published retail sales for April again showed have. "

-By Katrin Haertel, Dow Jones Newswires, +49 (0) 69 297 25 300,

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