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U.S. Federal Reserve boosted the Dow Jones


HB NEW YORK. The Dow Jones index of the default values rose in the first minutes of trading 0.4 percent to 11,059 points. The broader S & P 500 gained 0.4 percent to 1174 points. The index of the Nasdaq rose 0.5 percent to 2429 points.

Listen to the sale of the shares of Intel stock brokers were at a discount of 0.3 percent, although the chip giant had given a positive outlook. The Group, the world equipped to eight out of ten PCs with its chips expected, thanks to increasing investments of many corporate customers after the ebbing of the economic crisis in the fourth quarter with a thriving business. This Intel fears dispelled an upcoming end of the upturn in the industry. In the third quarter, Intel’s net profit expected to more than half to almost three billion dollars and more than experts.

In the case of equity securities of oil giant Chevron, it was down 0.5 percent after the company had expressed behavior of the third quarter. The oil company make less delivery, a weak dollar and high costs to create.

The shares of JPMorgan were punished and became cheaper, despite good numbers by 0.1 percent. The U.S. banking giant posted third-quarter profit surge. The surplus put on $ 4,400,000,000 from $ 3,600,000,000 a year ago.