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U.S. index of leading indicators increased in August by 0.3 %


Copy of 5_washington_Foto_Buccino WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) – The index of leading indicators for the Development of the U.S. economy points to a continued , albeit weak economic recovery back . (Photo : Buccino )

Such as the Research Institute Conference Board announced on Thursday, the index rose in August compared with the Previous month by 0.3 % to a level of 110.2 points. Economists had with  an increase of 0.2% expected . In July , an improvement of been Leading indicators index rose 0.1% recorded .

reported for the index of like leading indicators the Economic researchers stagnation at 101.3 points from ( previous month: plus 0.1 %). The index of lagging indicators rose in August by 0.2% to 108.1 points (up 0.4 %).

had since the recession ended in June 2009, the Growth rate in the U.S. " disappointingly slow " have been said Conderence Board economist Kenneth Goldstein. This was the concern reinforced that the U.S. economy slip back into recession could . "The latest data from the leading indicators index , however, have suggests that the economic situation hardly in the coming months will change , "said Goldstein. To ensure that growth is expected by early 2011  unchanged remain weak.
The institute also said that especially the interest rate spread  and the amount of money to the increase in leading indicators contributed in August  had . By contrast, the initial claims for unemployment benefits and the Deliveries a negative contribution. Overall, forms the Leading indicators index, the development of ten individual components.

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