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U.S. labor market by surprise and the Dax is a steep


Plötzlicher Kurssprung: Dass der Dax sich am Freitagnachmittag steil nach oben zieht, liegt vor allem am US-Arbeitsmarkt. Quelle: dpa

Sudden price jump: That the Dax on Friday afternoon steep pulls up lies , especially on the U.S. labor market. Source: AP

HB FRANKFURT / DUESSELDORF. Was this the long-awaited liberation ? The situation in the U.S. labor market has not deteriorated in August as strong as expected. The number of employees decreased by 54 to 000 and the third consecutive month , as the Ministry of Labour announced on Friday in Washington.

Analysts had expected but even a minus of 100 000. In the previous two months combined were 230 000 jobs disappeared. Initial estimates had shown even a drop of around 350 000th The unemployment rate rose from 9.5 to 9.6 percent.

Persistently high unemployment is a cyclical recovery in the road. The world’s largest economy depends to 70 percent by private consumption. The economic crisis had cost more than eight million Americans do the job. The Daxkurve shows up considerably. Currently, the leading index by 1.3 percent recorded in 6161 in the plus points. Before the U.S. data the dax still 0.4 percent recorded in the profit zone.

Also , oil prices attracted . A barrel of WTI grade higher prices by 0.2 percent to $ 75.13 . The Bund futures also extended its losses and was down 77 ticks at 131.94 points. "Especially good are the numbers if you look at the revisions for previous months looking at , "said Rainer Sartoris, an analyst at HSBC Trinkaus . Priority was the development in the private sector, which had been far better than expected. "The market now praises once the probability of a short-term intervention of the Fed buying of government bonds again. "

directed investors also focus on the ISM index of service sector (16.00 BST clock ). After going to the last surprising increase in the purchasing managers index for the U.S. economy , the mood in the service sector have not cooled significantly, Helaba analyst Ralf writes circulation in a market comment. "Overall, changes nothing on the assessment that the dynamics decreases the economic recovery . "

has the approval of the multiple sclerosis drug cladribine in Australia Merck Having on Friday. The title of the pharmaceutical and chemical group goods rose by 2.3 percent and was thus the leader in Dax. Market players see through the approval of the tablets in Australia but only a limited upside potential for the MerckShares, because the treatment was limited to two years . Should this rule apply across the EU and the U.S., the papers could fall even under pressure, "said a dealer.

Among the winners of the German stock market to the suppliers Wochenschluss Title RWE and Eon, Which rose by 1.7 percent. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to resolve according to reports from coalition parties on Sunday the dispute over the term of renewal for nuclear power plants. With the coalition summit will also indicate how the proposed fuel tax, to be elaborated. "Investors want clarity, and finally happy that the decision , now in our grasp , "said a dealer.

Given good growth prospects in China , according to traders at the investors SAP accessed. With an increase of just 1.4 percent were the title of the software group also on the long list of winners of the Dax. "There is no reason why China in the next five to ten years of the world’s largest market for SAP should be , "said SAP CoCEO Bill McDermott on Friday in Beijing. A stockbrokers , said the software industry is in demand and have upside potential . The shares of Software AG listed in the TecDAX one percent firmer.

According to a downgrading by the Commerzbank was Fresenius Medical Care (FMC ) Dax rear. The shares lost 1.2 percent of the dialysis specialists . CommerzbankAnalyst Volker Braun in response to the Capital Markets downgraded the company the title to " Hold " from "Add download ", the price target but maintained at 45 € . "While the management was standing there flat-rate billing of power in the U.S. in a good light, it remained cautious of the impact in 2011. " Confident there was NordLB analyst Holger Fechner , who confirmed its buy recommendation with a target price of 51 € . Positive could be described including the expansion of business in the Middle East.

The MDAX rose by shares Cable Germany: After a target price – rise by the analysts of Deutsche Bank got the papers of the cable network operator to a record high of 25.71 euros. The experienced management and broad customer base , the company is for a double-digit growth in operating profit and cash flow, well equipped , analyst Robert Grindle wrote in a study of the telecom industry.

TecDax worked their United Internet the rate losses of the previous day again before the winners list. The shares of Internet agency rose by 2.5 percent. The analysts Commerzbank drew a positive conclusion of the recent corporate presentation. You feel confirmed in their optimistic assessment of the growth opportunities in mobile internet services , analyst Heike Pauls wrote in a comment.

has the prospect of a sustained boom in smartphones Dialog Semiconductor on Friday buoyed . Shares of chip developer were in with a gain of three percentage leader TecDax . Market players pointed to media reports that Samsung – Wants to sell the world’s number two mobile phone producers – in 2010 to 25 million of these internet – and multimedia-capable mobile phones. So far, the Korean company had targeted a smartphone sales of 18 million .