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U.S.: Sanderson Farms wants to challenge China’s import tariffs


2010-02-24_geflügel_ddp WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) – The U.S. poultry meat producer Sanderson Farms Inc has announced its intention to challenge China’s import duties on poultry imports. The recovery of U.S. poultry meat industry is currently hampered by Handelsstreitig-opportunities with China and Russia, the two largest export markets. (Photo: ddp)

CEO Joe Sanderson said that he regarded the neutrality hopes that poultry exports to Russia could soon be resumed. On 1 March will begin talks between the two countries dealing with the import ban. China views the dispute with the CEO to be more complicated. In his opinion, the company must in the end but the import tax may from 64.5 US-cts/pound accept. Sanderson estimated that the matter would be resolved in 60 to 90 days in one way or another. We do not know what our challenge is taken up, he said. Early February, China had imposed 35 U.S. poultry exporters with import duties of up to 105.4%. Beijing had established this measure with the dumping of U.S. industry. In addition, the Government last September, Obama had raised a duty on Chinese tires. China normally takes off about 30% of firms export, and Sanderson Farms is undergoing forced to sell his goods at a lower price to other destinations, as in the U.S. itself, there is no demand for chicken feet.

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