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U.S. stock markets , all eyes on Fed


Ein US-Händler an der Börse New York: Die Märkte blicken auf die Entscheidungen der Fed.

One U.S. trader on the New York Stock Exchange , the markets look to decisions from the Fed.

HB NEW YORK. The Wall Street anxiously await the Fed meeting on interest , from the hope that some stockbrokers , the long awaited change for the better . If that is representing the U.S. central bank in its economic assessment only a silver lining , it could give the U.S. stock markets boost. Then it would be possible for the S & P 500 index posit to jump over the mark of 1130 points, Brian Jacobsen hopes of Wells Fargo Funds Management.

On Friday ended in contrast to the Dow Jones index of 30 leading industrial companies broader S & P 500 at 1126 meters.

The majority of market players does not expect further easing of interest rate policy. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had made it in August for the case in view, that the situation in the U.S. economy should deteriorate significantly. Recent economic data such as the better than expected job growth in the private sector show but in the opposite direction. Should the Fed to move forward in the fight against recession decide , not the stock market would assess this as a bad sign for the U.S. economy, but as a testament to the vigilance of the Fed , "said Jacobsen. He would welcome any sign of central bankers. "This could be the initial impetus to persuade the investors to switch from bonds to equities. "

In general, market players see the S & P 500 is above the range of 1130 meters , which he has overcome in the past three months, three times. That could also be a harbinger of future gains. Last week, the S & P 500 to a total of 1.5 percent while the Dow Jones index rose by 1.4 and the Nasdaq up 3.3 percent.

In addition, there will be a lot of data in the coming week by the U.S. housing market. The first topic on the Monday of the housing market index on Tuesday will be followed by the figures on housing starts . On Thursday there is new information on the sale of existing houses and on Friday is the indicator of the financial statements for new buildings. Investors hope to be light on the outlook for the sector , which is considered crucial for the development of the overall economy.

Even a small sign of the revival of the real estate sector might help up the financial markets, hopes Jacobsen. Quarterly results are expected on Tuesday and Thursday from Adobe by Nike.