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Unions Opel Antwerp block finished cars


The unions of the Opel plant in Antwerp for 16 hours the parking of the factory closed. Thus, no cars finished the factory have left. The work is not replaced. That leaves vakbonsman Rudi Kennes (FGTB) this Wednesday.
The action is a preventive measure against the absence of any clarity on the fate of the Antwerp plant. According Kennes and his union colleague Luc Van Grinsven (ACV) tries big man Nick Reilly Thursday for a special local works council to convene in Brussels.
"We are already not on the invitation. The treaty that we have completed the European Works Council, provides no participation in meetings convened unilaterally. Moreover, the supervisor no Fri agenda for the meeting which was hastily announced," concludes Kennes .

Wednesday appeared in several German media reports on the closure of Antwerp is inevitable. Then the union men would not officially comment. "For us it remains currently looking coffee. We are still living in a haze of ambiguity and has undergone one years been one conclusion after another message. It is urgent that the time management openly confesses color and doubts away," Van Grinsven. (belga / MVDB)