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UPDATE: Mobile operators want to challenge Apple


BARCELONA / BONN (Dow Jones / AFP) – The iPhone maker Apple could be in the range of application software for smartphones, the so-called Apps, sometimes massive competition from view. 24 Mobile operators aim to provide all mobile phone users over a still together developing, free platform apps are available, such as the initiative "The Wholesale Applications community announced on Monday. The participating companies include AT & T, German Telekom, the MTN Group, NTT DoCoMo, Orange from France Telecom, Telefonica and Vodafone.
The initiative has focused on the annual mobile phone conference "Mobile World Congress assembled. Her Supporters include the mobile phone manufacturer LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson, as a message from the industry association GSMA apparent. Until now, Apple dominates the market for mobile Application programs with its App Store: With more than 3 billion downloads for iPhone and the portable music player iPod Touch has it all comparable offers from competitors were far exceeded.
The mobile phone industry wants its customers in future, more Give freedom to the purchase and use of mobile phone software, "said a Officer of Deutsche Telekom, according to news agency AFP. "Our The aim is to develop a common standard for mobile applications create and provide for uniformity in the market. "
This initiative is that more and more Mobile phone manufacturers for their new multimedia phones in their own Internet shops offer programs that often, but only on the devices of the respective manufacturer’s work. Examples include the Ovi Store "by Nokia or the App Store from Apple.
The initiative is going to unify the view of the Companies, software developers and customers, "said the Telecom spokeswoman. So it was for the telephone company as important, a to develop uniform accounting system. Conceivable that such a settlement do not have credit cards, but over the phone. Such a payment model, it should be easier for the customer make.
The App Store is a software that allows application programs can be downloaded. The programs are Mostly from third parties, or free programmers that the price for their Software to set itself. 30% of their revenues, they must However, to cede to Apple. Until the end of 2009 stood in the App Store more than 100,000 Application programs for downloading.
Possession in the first nine months of last year, the Apple Inc, according to the research firm IDC has a share in the global mobile phone market from 13.7%. In 2006 the company was not here yet not represented. Already with the first iPhone was the U.S. group from Cupertino significant ground in mid-2007 well done and the old Industry heavyweights challenged. As one of the keys to success the iPhone is the high number of purpose offered Apps.
The aim of the competing initiative, it is now established, to create a rapid market entry for application developers "said GSMA CEO Rob Conway. IDC analyst Jonathan Arber sees the Initiative, a "benefit for the entire industry."
Regardless of the new industry initiative announced Swedish mobile manufacturer Ericsson, according to AFP on Monday his own Internet store, it’s where users of all types of mobile games, videos and download applications. The online store "eStore" offer from Ericsson at the beginning about 30,000 applications, said the company. Some were charged, others free.
Barcelona, as expected, Microsoft introduced its new Mobile operating system before Windows Mobile 7, with which the U.S. company lost market share recover in the mobile market wants. The system constitutes a "complete break" with the present, so far as what Microsoft software mobile devices have made, "said Nicolas Petit, head of the Microsoft’s division for mobile applications in France. The system had a dynamic surface on which the users themselves to their preferred Determine applications such links could, an MP3 player or Internet software. The first devices with the software, it would in several months provide, inter alia, with Deutsche Telekom.
The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the most important Industry gathering of the mobile industry and runs through Thursday. In this Year, about 1,300 companies and around 47,000 participants announced. It focuses on the mobile Internet and the latest Multimedia phones. The so-called smartphones, after this year Expert appraisal booming strong.


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