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Usurer for Infineon’s board election optimism


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – In the power struggle with the Board Chair Infineon is the candidate of the group, Klaus Wucherer, confident. "I’m not worried," said former Siemens manager of the newspaper "Die Welt" (Monday Edition), according Preliminary report. He expressed his expectation that the proposal of the Supervisory Board, adopted by voting for him would. (Photo: Infineon) 2010-01-24_Chipsatz_Infineon

Lender was from the Control Panel, which he has more than ten years a member, has been nominated for the presidency. A British Financial investor, but sent an opponent into the race, the Chief Financial Officer of the auto supplier ZF Friedrichshafen, Willi Berchtold. Well to shareholders at the AGM on 11 February decide.
Lender said, of course, shareholders have the right to To set up rival candidates. "It would have been better if occurred in the past and have an orderly process, " he is a restricted and added: "Now is the uneasiness of large, and is harmful for Infineon. "
Lender is in the critique of financial investors, for he  Infineon’s supervisory board was already, when the group ever new crisis had to endure. They therefore call for a renewal at the top. "A new beginning has been made long ago but, rebuilding and renewal of Company are in full swing, "countered usurers.
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