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VOLCANO UPDATE2: German airspace fully open


By Kirsten Bienk
HAMBURG (Dow Jones) – After the airspace over Germany and much of Europe is almost completely released, hope airports, airlines, tour operators and Passengers stuck out that it remains at the opening. But all other parties concerned look on spellbound on weather forecasts and the forecasts of the German Air Traffic Control (DFS). The DFS distributed Meanwhile confidence. It currently does not expect a Deterioration of the situation.
Airports and airlines responded swiftly to new Freedoms. You want as many machines as you can take off and land . Let All actors are, however, agree that it up to a normalization take in air traffic in Europe a few days. Nevertheless off and landed on Wednesday more aircraft than initially planned. Lufthansa contributes with about 700 flights. In the morning was Germany’s largest airline, only 500 of the usual 1800 Flights started. And on Thursday again already should all take-offs and Landings take place.
However, off and landed on Wednesday more aircraft than initially planned. Lufthansa contributes with about 700 flights. At the Morning was Germany’s largest airline, only 500 of the otherwise 1800 assumed normal flights. And on Thursday should already again all takeoffs and landings take place. The Lufthansa German Wings Billigtochter showed commitment. It expects by Friday with the return to normal flight schedule. Thursday are already 95% of normal flights are offered. Currently, the airline still pushes a few extra flights for Tour operators in and gets back in the international fixed holiday.
Air Berlin expects on Wednesday, but no later than the End of the week, with a nearly complete implementation of its Flight program. DHL Express takes its flight operations on Wednesday evening completely and wants to its European air cargo hub in Leipzig, most of the around 100 intra- Express flights carry.
The German Air Traffic counts on Wednesday with about 5,000 Flights. Up to 12 clock around 1,250 flights were counted. Across Europe The situation relaxed too. The European Eurocontrol air traffic control authority, which coordinates air traffic in Europe, expected, that take place until the evening three quarters of the planned flights be. The entire European airspace above 20,000 Foot and much of the airspace below 20,000 feet had been released, it said.
If the operation is running smoothly again, all Participants calculate their losses. For European Airlines, the international governing body IATA already a Estimate published. Overall, the losses are likely to approximately U.S. $ 1.7 billion amount, "said IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani. To Highlight of the airspace closures have the airlines $ 400 million per day lost. Lufthansa and Air Berlin have so far not mentioned sums. But both have already stated that they may want to take help from the State requested. Decisions but it stood still. It is still unclear what ever is offered to help.
The Lufthansa subsidiary, German Wings, however, posted a day one Loss of 4 million. To rectify this loss, will the Companies still employ even know his costs. Redundancies there will be not. An increase in ticket prices provides the management with reference to the hard Competition as no effective means to.
At the political level is the debate about the Proportionality of the days of airspace blocks and the helplessness of Controllers. Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer had his Conduct at noon defended in a government statement. The Ash cloud was a first-time phenomenon, so it made perfect had been right to immediately adopt such precautions as take and significant limitations in air traffic made.
Among the sharpest critics of the European Authorities include the airline association IATA. They would have to slow unorganized and responds to the ash cloud, complained CEO Bisignani in Berlin. The first sigh of relief is also in the manufacturing Industry heard. Here too is the hope that the supply Material again takes on the normal level. Bosch, it was the morning known, had its semiconductor production at three plants because of lack of Replenishment stop. Just yesterday, had some business problems reported in production.
The business of car rental companies, on account of the flight ban considerably more customers than usual are likely to have used, however, slowly returning to normal.

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